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What are the good ways to treat winter cough and chronic cough caused by allergies

Morning expert outpatient service, to a patient, would require an ct, ct, I asked him why he want it originally he cough for more than a month, back and middle also eat a lot of drugs, cephalosporins, azithromycin chronic cough caused by allergies, luo erythromycin, and several kinds of cough medicine, it is good to eat a bit, a withdrawal is cough again in a few days, phlegmy much, no fever, go on to ask the history, it is during the National Day catch cold catch cold catch a cold.

So what is the patient thinking about? I consider post-infection cough (PIC), which means that after acute respiratory infection, the symptoms of the acute phase of infection itself disappear and the cough still does not last more than 3 to 8 weeks. So this patient is on antibiotics, right? No, the common cold is usually a viral infection and does not require antibiotic treatment. Does the patient need a CT scan now can allergies make you cough? I don’t think it is necessary for the time being. I can give cough treatment first. If I still have cough half a month after treatment, I will take A CT examination at that time to exclude lung disease. Every cough has its own causes, and we need to analyze them one by one and deal with them accordingly.

Put one clean luohanguo and two snow pear into a casserole, add purified water, put them on the fire, first use the high fire, after the pot is opened, change the low fire, boil for 20-30 minutes, drain the water, wait for the temperature is appropriate, then drink.

Luohan fruit has a sweet and cool taste, which has the effects of relieving cough, calming asthma, relieving heat and resisting consumption, and cooling and relieving heat. Combined with snow pear, which can clear heat and nourish the stomach and nourish the Yin and moisten the lungs, it has a stronger effect of nourishing Yin, clearing heat and relieving cough. Suitable for acute and chronic pharyngitis, cough and other diseases. In addition, single use of a single luo Han guo, with boiling water for half an hour, instead of tea drink, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis cough, also have a certain effect.Wash the pear and remove the pit, then take 3 grams of friar, 6 grams of 100, 6 grams of dried tangerine peel and wash them, put them in the heart of the pear, steam on the pot, eat one a day. Steamed pear cough, phlegm, bronchitis cough, sputum is not easy to cough out of a good curative effect.

Pear taste sweet can allergies make you cough up yellow mucus, slightly cool acid, into the lung and stomach, can produce moisture, dry, heat and phlegm; Fritillaria fritillaria moistens lungs, relives cough and reduces phlegm; Warm the lungs to relieve cough; Dried tangerine peel to adjust the air, dampness and phlegm.

Choose a good white kernel 5 grams, sweet almond 10 grams, walnut kernel 10 grams, japonica rice 50 grams. 3 kernels are washed first, add water to boil 20 minutes into the pot, then put japonica rice, then cook rice cooked, you can eat, add a little rock sugar can also.

Ginkgo taste sweet and bitter, lung strangulation, asthma cough, but also stop enuresis; Sweet almond moistens lung and relieves cough can allergies produce green mucus; Walnut kernel tonify kidney and strengthen essence, warm lung to stabilize asthma; The japonica rice nourishes the stomach.Fungus 10 grams, clear blisters hair 12 hours, put in the bowl, add rock sugar 20 grams, 10 grams of lily, put the bowl into the steamer, stewed with water for 1 hour, mixed with honey, every morning from an empty stomach to eat. It has the function of moistening lung, relieving cough and relieving asthma. It is suitable for patients with dry cough and little phlegm and dry pharynx and asthma.

White fungus, also known as tremella vulgaris, is gentle and gentle in nature, nourishing Yin and moistening lungs, nourishing stomach and producing saliva; Lily sweet slightly bitter cold, Nourishing Yin embellish lung, clear heart in addition to trouble.Take 150 grams of fresh reed root, wash cut off, and 10 grams of almond with decocted juice, add 50 grams of japonica rice, porridge, cooked rice porridge into rice, you can eat. In this congee, the reed root clears heat and produces saliva except trouble, sweet almond moistens lung to stop cough, japonica rice is good for spleen and stomach, eat this congee can clear lung to heat, stop cough to reduce phlegm, for cough, have yellow and white phlegm, pharynx dry, thirsty and other symptoms.

There is an old saying: eat radish in winter, eat ginger in summer, radish in winter is good, eat ginger in summer is good, this is a folk word of mouth to keep healthy. Because the winter outside cold, internal heat, eat turnip gas, away unnecessary internal heat, internal and external balance, the body is healthy can allergies cause yellow phlegm.

Radish cent two kinds, have red and white, eat white radish in winter nutrition value is higher.

So what are the benefits of eating white radish?

1. Moisten bowel laxative: white radish contains mustard oil, crude fiber, amylase can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, treatment of indigestion, regulate qi laxative.

2. Skin tenderness and anti-aging: White radish is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and other vitamins. Vitamin C can prevent skin aging, prevent the formation of black spots, and keep the skin white and tender.

3. Improve resistance: White radish is rich in vitamin C and zinc ions, which can effectively improve body resistance, effectively resist oxidation, inhibit pigmentation, and reduce inflammation.

4. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: Eating white radish regularly can reduce blood fat, soften blood vessels, stabilize blood pressure, prevent coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, cholelithiasis and other diseases.

5. Relieving cough and reducing phlegm: White radish can be used to treat diseases such as cough and phlegm or bronchial asthma. It can be eaten raw or boiled.

6 exhaust: white radish has stronger exhaust function effect, so it can prevent and treat food bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite and so on how to stop coughing from allergies?

Autumn and winter are the seasons with high incidence of colds and coughing up yellow phlegm remedies. Eating more white radish has a good effect of relieving cough and reducing phlegm. It can be said that it is a treasure on the table in winter .Especially suitable for children and old people to use, and inexpensive, winter to eat more white radish benefits.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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