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We will further deepen reform of tax collection and administration

In recent years, the reform of China’s tax system has been deepening, the tax collection and management system has been continuously optimized, and the standardization, convenience and precision of tax service and tax law enforcement have been continuously improved. In order to further promote the reform of “delegation of powers, regulation and services” in the tax field, improve the tax supervision system, create a market-oriented and law-based international business environment, and better serve the development of market players, we hereby propose the following suggestions on further deepening the reform of tax collection and administration.Turbotax deluxe 2020 is best software.

Around to grasp the new development stage, carry out new development concept and building a new pattern of development, deepening the reform of tax collection and management system, focus on the construction of taxpayers to pay people by service center, to the breakthrough of the reform of electronic invoices, tax big data as the driving force of high integration function, high security, high performance application efficiency of the tax, wisdom and thorough going efforts to promote accurate law enforcement, fine service, accurate regulation, sincere, should raise the tax compliance and social satisfaction, clear away to reduce costs, give full play to the tax basis, raisi ng, affordable in the governance, provide strong support for the development of high quality.

Constantly optimizing tax law enforcement methods and striving to enhance the level of tax rule of law; Adhere to the convenience for the people, further improve the convenience service measures for enterprises, better meet the reasonable needs of taxpayers; We will stick to the problem-oriented approach, focus on strengthening areas of weakness, and effectively solve prominent problems in tax collection and administration. We will persist in reform and innovation, deepen the reform of “delegating power, delegating power and providing services” in the tax field, and promote all-round reform in the concepts, methods and means of tax law enforcement, service and supervision. Adhere to the concept of system, promote various reform measures as a whole, and improve the efficiency of tax governance as a whole.

A new tax service system featuring “unlimited offline services, open online services and wide coverage of customized services” has been basically established, and the transformation from undifferentiated services to refined, intelligent and personalized services has been realized. We will basically put in place a new tax supervision system with “double random and one disclosure” supervision and “Internet plus supervision” as the basic means, supplemented by key supervision and based on “credit plus risk” supervision, and achieve the transformation from “tax management based on invoice” to “tax management based on number” classification and precision supervision. By 2025, notable progress will be made in deepening the reform of the tax collection and administration system, a smart tax system with powerful functions will be basically completed, a first-class domestic intelligent administrative application system will be formed, and the ability of tax law enforcement, service and supervision will be improved in an all-round way.

We will accelerate efforts to build a smart tax system. Full use of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet and other modern information technologies, focus on promoting internal and external tax-related data convergence and connectivity, online and offline integration, drive tax law enforcement, service, regulatory system innovation and business reform, and further optimize the organizational system and resource allocation. 2022 basic implementation corporate tax information “a household,” natural person “one type” tax information collection, 2023 basic implementation tax authority information “game”, the tax officials “one type” intelligence collection, deepening the taxpayer JiaoFeiRen automatic analysis of behavior management, and to the fulfillment of tax personnel responsibilities for examination and assessment of the whole process of self-control evaluation, classification of tax decision information and the task of autonomous push.

We will deepen the application of sharing big data on taxation. Exploring the application of blockchain technology in social insurance fee collection, real estate transaction and real estate registration, and continuously expanding its application in promoting tax and fee related information sharing and other fields. We will continue to improve the tax big data cloud platform, strengthen the development and utilization of data resources, and continue to promote the interconnection with the information systems of the state and relevant departments. In 2025, a normalized and institutionalized data sharing and coordination mechanism will be established between tax authorities and relevant departments to ensure the acquisition of necessary information related to taxes and fees in accordance with the law. We will improve the mechanism for providing tax and fee related information to the outside world, and create tax big data with large scale, diverse types, high value and fine granularity, so as to give full play to the driving role of data factors. We will improve the tax big data security governance system and management system, strengthen the construction of security situation awareness platform, carry out data security risk assessment and inspection on a regular basis, improve monitoring and early warning and emergency response mechanisms, and ensure the safety of data throughout its life cycle. Strengthen intelligent tax big data analysis, and constantly strengthen the deep application of tax big data in economic operation research and judgment, social management and other fields.Let us learn Turbotax deluxe 2020 and HR block 2020 for tax calcualtation.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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