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Us Presidential campaign’s ultimate coup: You’re Pro-China!

Campaigning in America’s meritocratic minority is less a symbol of democracy than a contest to represent the interests of the corporate elite.Four years ago, Trump won Hillary Clinton. The reason is not complicated. Hillary tried her best to protect the interests of a small number of people in the elite class, while Trump was relatively smart and took the middle and lower classes.

This November, it’s another presidential race. However, this year has not been a good year in the United States. First came the epidemic, then came the demonstrations, which made Trump very upset. After more than three years of hard work, China’s economy has made real progress. However, it cannot withstand the turmoil caused by the epidemic and the stock market has suffered four consecutive circuit breakers. The economic card, which he thought was a shoo-in for re-election, is no longer there. Even if you toss it to China, the WHO, Russia, and Obama, it doesn’t prove that he has done much to combat the epidemic.

In contrast, Biden, whom Trump calls “sleepy,” is an old man, four years older than Trump, but when Americans have to choose between two bad people, the sleepy man’s advantage is reflected. At least in this nationwide demonstration, Mr. Biden has offended fewer people than Mr. Trump. Even Republican Colin Powell and George W. Bush said publicly that they would not vote for Trump if they did not vote for the Democrats. Several republican grandees have even said they would vote for Mr Biden. He had an unprecedented problem, a stab in the back.

Anyone who has watched the elections in Taiwan knows that the so-called democratic electoral system, similar to that in the United States, is actually a hoax.Mr Trump has stuck to his guns. Then, when 100,000 or 200,000 people died, he could say to himself, “Look, that’s all that’s dead. It’s lucky for me.” In addition, knowing the title of king is not for nothing, and no one knows the word “cross” better than I do, and this catchphrase is the most obvious means of self-promotion. Mr. Trump has the unique advantage of being able to advertise himself by having the resources of a President and by having far more opportunities to make public appearances than his Democratic counterparts. This is also the reason why he insisted on holding press conferences every day during the epidemic. In addition, Trump’s outburst against the world through his microblog is also one of his means to show his personal views and gain points for votes.

Mr Trump has an advantage over Mr Biden. He was wiped out by the Democrats in the 2016 campaign, even by the 18th generation, so before any new hard news comes out, it’s time for Biden to think about the mess he’s had with his son in Ukraine. Trump was impeached because he called Zelian’s driver to investigate the Biden’s shady dealings in Ukraine. It’s a thunder. It goes off at any moment. As November approaches, there will be a lot of uncertainty, with a relatively high probability of negative news for Biden, so it doesn’t matter if Biden is ahead of Trump.

The so-called red, is to accuse each other pro-China. As this article’s title shows, Trump accused Biden of being friendly with China, while Biden immediately hit back at Trump for being friendly with China and Russia. The reason is also very simple, the US election needs an enemy, they regard the increasingly powerful China as the enemy, who is more anti-China, the more favorable and supportive the Internet users. This extreme populism, with its persecutor-crazed mentality, seeks support by portraying itself as a weak victim of China’s bullying, which is morbid. Wouldn’t you have held an election without mentioning China? America First. America strong again?

No matter how much competition there is, the nature of the US system that puts interests first cannot be concealed. Neither Trump nor Biden, no matter who is elected, will change their basic policy towards China. Nor will the self-interest of their own people significantly improve. They are just the spokesmen of the financial groups behind each other. This kind of seemingly democratic campaign is just about you and me stepping on the stage. The fundamental things such as racial discrimination, judicial power and a small number of elite governance cannot be changed. China has not been chosen as a target once or twice by both sides in this campaign. We should stick to the principle that we should give priority to China and not be led astray by the Us. We should fully take the initiative in economic, political, military and other fields and follow our own path and do our own work.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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