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Tomatoes can help you lose weight, fight oxidation, and have 5 hidden benefits

Tomato is one of the favorite foods of people who want to lose weight. It is not only low in calories, low in carbohydrates and rich in nutrition, but also necessary for the development of a variety of health conditions. Whether it is a skin problem that girls care about or a health problem that all people are concerned about what to do with all those tomatoes, it can be taken into account. Little tomato action so big originally? Not only can it help you lose weight and fight oxidation, but it can also prevent cancer and fight cancer. Here are 5 hidden benefits that many people don’t know about.

1. Take vitamins

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, one tomato can provide the body with the minimum daily vitamin 40 percent, so many women say tomatoes can be whitening, is also for a certain reason. It also contains vitamin A, which is good for your immune system, eyesight and healthy skin, and vitamin K, which is also good for your bones.

2. Reduce your risk

Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene. Medically speaking, the higher the amount of lycopene in the blood, the lower the risk of death in patients with metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a risk factor that increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Lycopene also has great benefits for vision. It contains lutein and beta carotene, which protect vision and reduce the risk of cataracts. The most common purpose of tomatoes is to promote digestion, and if you’re constipated, they’ll come in handy. Tomato liquid and fiber may give you the help you need. And tomatoes are best eaten raw; cooked tomatoes may aggravate your indigestion.

3. Tighten the skin

The combination of tomato sauce and olive oil protects against ultraviolet radiation from the sun and promotes the production of collagen, a nutrient that keeps your skin firm and youthful. Lycopene in tomatoes has also been linked to lower rates of prostate, ovarian, lung and stomach cancer, observational studies have found.

4. Fall hematic fat

Tomatoes should not be eaten with cucumbers. Because tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, and cucumber contains a certain amount of vitamin C decomposition enzyme, will destroy the nutritional value of tomatoes. Tomato still has a name to be “tall blood fat public enemy”, can reduce blood fat effectively, tomato presses juice to drink, add a little garlic, also be very delicious, the method that make is very simple also, need to prepare proper amount of tomato only, garlic head a few, a few honey can. First wash the tomatoes, cut them into large chunks, then press them directly into a juicer to make the juice what to make with tomatoes from garden, and finally add half a teaspoon of honey and stir well. This homemade tomato juice has an appetizing effect. Because honey is added, it can also eliminate free radicals, prevent cancer, fight cancer, beautify and moisturize skin. It can also prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other effects, and also provide very rich nutrients.

5. Help with weight loss

Also the female friend that has a lot of weight loss can use tomato, the method reducing weight that exaggerates curative effect mostly is to rely on go on a diet to achieve thin body effect, nevertheless tomato has certain function reducing weight really. It boosts your metabolism and is low in calories, so it can help you lose weight.

My son caught a cold and brought him home. I asked him what he wanted to eat, but he said he had no appetite. I thought about it and made him a bowl of tomato and egg custard soup. Tomato peel cut into cubes, fry a sauce in the pot, add water to boil, sprinkle on very small flour grains, doused in egg liquid egg, a few drops of sesame oil, or sprinkle some parsley, sheng in the bowl, red substrate, white, green embellishment, only to see the color, let a person’s appetite. The son drank a big bowl, the head is sweat, stuffy nasal cavity also began to understand, a bowl of tomato egg knot soup to get rid of a cold half son.

Accompanied with my father to eat together, because the mother does not love to eat Fried tomatoes, after our brothers and sisters a few families, home only father, mother, the mother is almost no longer do this dish, father perennial also can’t eat Fried tomatoes and occasionally come to my house, I will fry tomato egg soup, and gave him drink. Today, smacking his lips with a bowl of tomato and egg soup, I asked him why he liked it, too. Father wanted to think, said: “the ’50 s, selected a batch of good carpenter, king commune organized do carpentry work for commune, your grandfather is selected, based on extension set a short way from the village, the commune the bag eats encase, meals better than at home eating corn pickle, I a person and ran it, follow your grandfather to eat white flour steamed bread, drink tomato egg soup. That is a good meal that I can’t eat during the Spring Festival. Until now, when it comes to delicious food best homemade tomato basil soup, I think it is the same bowl of tomato and egg soup.” He smacked his lips again, as if he remembered the bowl of tomato and egg soup he had saved from his grandfather’s teeth long, long ago. But to accommodate my mother, my father almost gave up his favorite dish. One side does not speak the old mother’s heart must be very touched.

My mother didn’t like it, but she used to cook it for us when We were children. At that time, the winter table in addition to cabbage radish, potatoes, mother in order to hit our stomach “greedy”, do their own tomato sauce what to do with fresh tomatoes. Every summer, when the tomato a large number of listed, the price is the cheapest, mother would buy a lot of back and work in a hospital neighbor aunt will give us a dozen bottles of glucose, mother to the pot steamed disinfection bottle, then cut the tomato into thin strips, then I and mother, to tomatoes, cut into thin strips were stuffed into a bottle, and then on the pot steamed, the last drops of candles on the oil seal on the rubber plug. In a cool and ventilated place, such as the severe winter, eat enough after cabbage turnip, mom will open a bottle of tomato sauce, pour tomato, make a pot of delicious tomato egg soup, in order to let the eggs looked a little more, my mother taught me to put the eggs in a bowl into egg mixture and pour into the pot, to use chopsticks stir slowly, so you feel full pot eggs, until now, all have eggs for food, I always put the total fitting for the size of the eggs Fried. Once a chef friend told me, before the cook test, test two dishes a soup, soup is tomato and egg soup. To pass, the egg will be like clouds floating in the above, like clouds roll yunshu. Look, this tomato and egg soup is not easy!

When I was a child had a cold, no appetite, my mother would open a bottle of tomato sauce for me to do “sick rice” – a bowl of tomato and egg soup. May be I cooked too badly, even did not feel out of the soup to drink, at that time also feel very sorry for the bowl of delicious soup: I am how, so steamed stuffed bun, so delicious food, Zha feel no taste? Now think about it, is their own cooking too severe, even the favorite soup to drink tomato and egg did not eat a good, it seems that I was very sick. Many years after that. The bowl of tomato and egg soup in winter brought too much joy to our single diet. Once in a while, it was a treat for us. Until we could eat tomatoes all the year round, especially after we got married, tomatoes were still the main dish on my table. Sometimes when my husband comes home late and misses his meal, I make him a bowl of tomato and egg custard, which is quick and warm to his stomach. Son to go to school to eat well, I will give him every three to five to do tomato egg noodles, nutrition and convenient. Tomatoes are always a ripple of red on my table. Interestingly, my husband also likes to eat tomatoes, but the recipe is completely different from mine. When he makes tomatoes, he will still make the mother-in-law style dinner recipes with fresh tomatoes. Tomato and egg soup is an ordinary dish that “flies into ordinary people’s homes”. It is indeed a versatile dish forever: with steamed bread, dry and wet, it is comfortable to eat. With rice, bright color, eat it a feast for the eyes recipes to use up tomatoes. With noodles, soup and water, eat it thoroughly. At the table, it’s always the most basic item.

A bowl of tomato and egg soup, is our ordinary life, even if there are thousands of kinds of food outside, warm you and me is still a bowl of tomato and egg soup made by my mother when I was a child or Chinese cabbage wire pot noodles. Simple as it is old fashioned stewed tomato recipe, it will always satisfy our taste buds and give our stomachs the best comfort.

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