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The US Supreme Court has rejected a request by Texas to overturn Joe Biden’s victory

The US Supreme Court Wednesday rejected a lawsuit filed by Texas to overturn president-elect Joe Biden’s victory, the Capitol Hill reported.

On Sunday night, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, an ally of Mr Trump, filed a lawsuit before the US Supreme Court challenging the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. On The 9th, 17 states, including Missouri, announced their support for Texas’s lawsuit to prevent electors from participating in the Electoral College. Arizona followed suit. The attorneys-general of all 19 states are Republicans. On The 10th, six states, including Missouri, went further and asked the Supreme Court to let them directly participate in the case. “Nineteen states are fighting for us, almost like never before!” “Trump wrote on Twitter on Monday.

In Pennsylvania and four other states with 62 electoral votes, Biden won 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, the threshold for 270. On January 14, the Electoral College will vote for president and vice president, and then count the votes in a joint session of Congress on January 6.

Trump lost. Biden won. How will the interaction between China and the US change? A key figure emerges.

On December 9, US media reported that Biden was interested in nominatingPeter Boutigig to be the US ambassador to China.

Not to mention The Chinese, even the Americans are very strange to him, many people can not even pronounce his name.

Mr. Boutigig, 38, a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, gained some national recognition this year by running in the Democratic presidential primary, and quickly dropped out of the race after a crushing defeat in the third race to endorse Mr. Biden.

One of Biden’s oldest sons, Beau, was an excellent and highly regarded son who died at an early age. Biden once said of Boutigig, “He reminds me of my son Beau. I know it doesn’t mean much to most people, but for me, it’s the highest compliment I can give anyone.”

If Boutigig becomes ambassador to China, what changes will he bring to China-Us relations?

Any choice anyone makes at any time is based on their past experience and then combined with the current situation. Therefore, it is better to know what kind of person he is than to guess his attitude towards China.Boutigig’s parents were professors at the prestigious University of Notre Dame. Boutigig grew up with the physical virtues of a high-achieving student, always a child of another family, having won a national award from the Kennedy Library in high school.

Miraculously, Boutigig’s prize-winning article was about senator Sanders! Mr Boutigig, who describes himself as a “socialist”, wrote: “Many young Americans think politics is hopeless, and Mr Sanders is the only one who can give us the answer.”

After high school, Boutigig studied at Harvard and Then Oxford, earning masters degrees in philosophy, politics and economics. He is no nerd. He can play the piano onstage, run a marathon outside and speak at least seven languages, including self-taught Norwegian, but Chinese is not one of them.It’s a small city in Indiana that Newsweek once called one of America’s “dying cities.”

Mr. Boutigig was elected mayor in 2011 at the age of 29. How to save “dying” hometown? Boutigig’s idea is similar to that of the Chinese, which is to “engage in homosexual construction”.The first thing is to dismantle. Bhutigig launched a 1,000-day campaign to restore or demolish 1,000 abandoned homes, tearing down the run-down ones.

The second was “build.” In Burtigig’s first year, South Bend processed $69.8 million in construction permits. Within four years, that number had grown to $190 million.

Not only build it, but make it beautiful. She has also launched a $25 million street renovation project to renovate downtown carways, sidewalks and even decorative tiles.South Bend’s unemployment rate fell from 10% to 4%, urban growth accelerated, investment poured in and the population stopped shrinking. So the locals love Him and thank him with banners.Becoming mayor is not The proudest experience of Boutigig’s life. In his twitter profile, the hashtag ahead of the mayor was: Veteran.

In May 2014, Boutigig left her job as mayor to go to Afghanistan.

Instead of fighting and killing in Afghanistan, Buttigig was assigned to a task force to expose corruption in the country, doing mostly civilian work.

It’s just that the Obama administration in 2014 was so busy getting troops out of Afghanistan that nobody cared about “corruption” at all.

So the Washington Post scoffed that the zealous lieutenant had fought in a war in retreat and was eventually sent to deal with office computers.

Of course, Boutigig claims to have done dangerous jobs, such as driving colleagues to meetings in Kabul.

Wearing body armor and armed with an M4 rifle, he said, he drove through the congested streets of Kabul in a heavily armed vehicle.

Although there is no “great war” to brag about, his experience in Afghanistan has allowed Him to add one “highlight” to his resume: veterans.What aspect of life do you see clearly? B: well… It could be his own non-mainstream sexual orientation.

In June 2015, Boutigig published an article in the media about his homosexuality, which he later admitted was “probably political suicide”.

Three years later, Boutigig married Graceman, a high school teacher.

What is your attitude towards China?

The experience and background of a high-achieving Harvard student, a small-town mayor, an Afghan veteran, an L.G.B.T., is certainly a little different from that of previous ambassadors to China. With the exception of Winston Lord, who was 48 when he took office in 1985, most of the previous ambassadors have been “senior” people in their 60s who have worked in foreign affairs, have ties to China, or have run large cities or state politicians.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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