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The Trump administration is set to “block” 89 Chinese companies

According to Reuters, a draft list shows that the Trump administration is about to announce 89 Chinese companies that are “military-related” and will restrict their purchases of a range of US products and technology. What is China’s comment?

Zhao lijian said that China firmly opposes the GROUNdless suppression of Chinese enterprises by the US side, and has repeatedly stated its solemn position on this. What the US has done seriously violates the principles of market competition and international economic and trade rules it has always flaunted, and will surely harm its national interests and its own image. Chinese companies have always been committed to operating in accordance with the law and strictly abide by the laws and regulations of other countries, including the United States, in their international operations. The US side should stop its erroneous practice of generalizing national security concepts and suppressing foreign companies. Announced before the end of the year will take part in the 2024 election, establish media revenge “traitors”, wrote books to make money in the face of the financial crisis, the Washington post reported, citing people familiar with the words on the 22nd, according to the President of the United States while trump in public still spare no effort to try to overturn the election results, but in private is already started planning for the future.

According to the Washington post reported that a recent and spoke to the President advisor said trump, trump said it plans to announce a new campaign after 3 weeks, rapid to repel may republican candidates running for President of the United States in 2024, including vice President Mr. Burns, secretary of state, peng’s President and former U.S. ambassador haley. But several other advisers said Mr. Trump’s views on the issue were changing and no final decision had been made.

Former Trump adviser Donald Nabel said it made no sense to announce at the end of the year that he would run for President in four years, but it was important to control the Republican Party and be the front-runner in the race. Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and a senior adviser to the Lincoln Plan, an anti-Trump Republican group, believes Trump will likely try to dominate Republican politics for years to come, regardless of whether he actually runs for President again. Has been critical of trump republican strategist and former senior congressional aides, buck, said the US President’s twitter account, although unpleasant, but it is the most powerful he is and can be one of the tools of “carry”, “trump still has the ability to decide, the republican party’s presidential election) primary success or failure, and can destroy the agreement” on Capitol hill. @RealdonaldTrump, Mr Trump’s private twitter account, which he regularly USES, has more than 88.91 million followers.

Mr Lardy, a longtime friend who has been in touch with Mr Trump, said the US President would “work hard to maintain political and media influence”. Mr Trump has been telling friends that he wants to start a digital media channel with a monthly subscription fee and possibly a “Make America Great Again” hat, according to Axios news. There have also been Suggestions that Mr Trump might start his own media company. But according to the Washington Post, some presidential advisers say Mr. Trump may not want to start a media company because it would be difficult and not necessarily successful.

Creating a media channel or a company would be Mr Trump’s way of taking his revenge on Fox News. The US President thinks Fox News has betrayed him. The Washington post reported that fox news has been praised trump, but the media is the first after the election, declared biden won the Arizona’s mainstream media, its reporters also confirmed the trump had called the soldier “idiot” and “loser”, first presided over the presidency of fox TV host Wallace also let trump.

Nearly 74 million voters backed Mr Trump in the US election, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported. If he builds his own media platform, Mr Trump could use it to rally supporters and run again in four years’ time. The U.S. Congress faces midterm elections in two years. Trump could also use his media platform to promote like-minded Republican candidates while attacking those who disagree with him.

Mr Trump is also exploring relatively easy ways to make money, such as giving paid speeches to business groups or holding rallies to sell tickets, the Post said. The US President is likely to write a memoir about his presidency and appear on television, paid or unpaid, sources said. Over the next four years, Mr Trump needs to repay more than $400m in loans and is likely to pay huge legal bills as a result of a series of investigations and lawsuits. New York state has been conducting two separate investigations into the President’s finances since 2019. The New York Times recently reported that the probes had grown to include consulting fees, which were deducted to reduce the President’s taxable income.

Why is Trump a strong contender in 2024? Donald Trump may be trying to replicate former US President Andrew Jackson’s campaign, Arab News said On Tuesday. Jackson narrowly lost the 1824 election, but won the presidency four years later. Although Mr Trump may leave the White House next year, he is not out and “Trumpism” remains a potent presence in the US. In terms of fundraising and national polls, Trump would be a strong contender in the 2024 Republican primary. But even if Mr Trump wins the 2024 Republican primary, he will not necessarily win the presidency. Much will depend on how Mr. Biden performs during his term and whether he runs for a second term.

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