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The Spurs’ young player is a career-high 26+10 and the Lakers’ defensive carelessness has him stealing the show

The Spurs lost 103-109 at home to the Lakers on Jan. 2. Little-known junior Keldon Johnson had an unexpected outburst, scoring 26 points and 10 rebounds on 7-of-11 shooting, 5-of-9 3-pointers and 7-of-8 free throws, and nearly tipping the Lakers over.Drafted by the Spurs at the end of last year’s first round, Johnson was promoted to the rotation this year, averaging nearly 30 minutes per game, after playing just 17 games last season and not getting many opportunities.

He has been effective this season, but made only three of nine shots against the Lakers in his last game. He got off to a good start, firing from beyond the three-point line in the first quarter and scoring in time for the Spurs.He came back in the second quarter and looked for opportunities, even if he didn’t shoot from the outside, he delivered for his teammates and scored in 2:56.

The Lakers didn’t seem to see him as much of a threat, even though he popped up for seven points early in the third quarter. At 6:47, he did not hesitate to hit a 3-pointer against Davis’ lone defense, and Davis was clearly not ready or even making a defensive move.Johnson scored 10 points in the first half of the quarter, boosting the Spurs’ spirits and leading the Lakers in the period.

The fourth quarter was a scorch, but Johnson was unable to break out again, missing a 3-pointer in the opening seconds, grabbing a rebound and making a 1-for-2 free throw. He added a 3-pointer at 6:30 to give the Spurs a one-point lead. But when Davis and lebron dominated, the Spurs went scoreless in the final 2 1/2 minutes, and Johnson managed to block a layup from lebron, but the game was up.

Johnson scored a career-high 20 points for the fourth time in his career, the most in his first 25 games with the Spurs since Tim Duncan. His other three 20-plus points came after the Orlando rematch last season.

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2021 Healthy Tips
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