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The “property tax” is coming, and the Ministry of Finance has decided that it will be levied in this way in the future

With the continuous development of China’s economy, the real estate industry has also grown rapidly. Especially after China liberalized the trade of commercial housing, the housing price has soared all the way. The high housing price in recent years has been a hot topic for many people. In the face of housing demand, many families have to spend almost three generations of efforts to buy a house, emptying six wallets. At present, the country has also introduced various policies and measures to deal with the high housing price, one of which is the “property tax”. Why do you not use turbotax deluxe 2020 to calculate property tax.

“Property tax” can be said to be the key buzzword of the year in the field of real estate for the past eight years. The collection of “real estate tax” has also become a reserved big move in the supervision of the real estate market in China. The collection of real estate tax, whether for scholars, real estate businessmen or ordinary people who buy houses, is a problem of great concern.

There are two main reasons why the policy of “property tax” has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. The first reason is that the current housing price remains high and even rises year by year. Everyone hopes to suppress the rise of the housing price through the collection of “property tax”. On the other hand, the “property tax” is levied on housing transactions. Once the tax is lifted, it means that owners with multiple properties will bear heavy tax pressure, which is a heavy blow for many “speculation tenants”.

What is the significance of a “property tax”?

Statistics show that the current home ownership rate in China is 96 percent, which means that if the property tax is introduced across the country, 96 percent of the people in China will have to pay the tax. Is a “property tax” really coming? Now the Ministry of Finance has given an accurate response, more than two apartments of “speculation tenants” people should take note.

The “property tax” is levied mainly on housing ownership, which means that the more houses a property owner owns, the more taxes he will pay. The higher the tax, the more money the buyer can save, especially for those who buy more than two apartments. The collection of “property tax” is directly related to their vital interests. In early March this year, many experts openly discussed the issue of “property tax” collection. So does it mean that the “property tax” should be really lifted now?

Meng Xiaosu, known as the “father of China’s real estate”, once said that the current “property tax” should be divided into three stages. The first stage is to levy the “property tax” on all urban residents, and the second stage is to levy the property tax on all homeowners, that is to say, the property ownership certificate will have the proof of tax. And the third stage is from the beginning of the property rights of the collection, the tax rate will be higher at this time. This is because the price of small property houses is relatively cheaper, and small property houses do not pay the land transfer this part of the amount.

What’s more, Meng said, the “property tax” will become a big burden for China’s large number of property owners, which will encourage them to sell and reduce their property holdings. Under such a trend, speculators and investors will sell their houses one after another, and the supply of houses on the market will increase, and the increase of supply will lead to the decline of house prices. Now people want to levy “property tax”, and the fundamental purpose is to hope that the introduction of “property tax” can make the housing price back.

A “property tax” would also boost fiscal revenues.

Similarly, the original bill of chengdu jettisoned published opinions, he hit the nail on the head to point out that if you want to control the real estate market effectively, improve the behavior of the speculative purchases, it should be the implementation of “property tax”, and through the adjustment of the tax, to suppress the real estate industry of cic agencies room revenue, in this way can we really get high house prices will fall. , same room and all the chairman TianQuan also said publicly that real estate tax is no suspense, because the house itself is a property of a country and the government through the “property tax levy to correct the price is too high, can be said to be in order to further regulate the social wealth, a powerful measures to improve uneven distribution.

In fact, the speech of various experts is not groundless, now the city land can be said to sell less and less, and the collection of “real estate tax” and “vacancy tax” can effectively control the huge number of “speculation” tenants, and this part of the tax can also achieve the purpose of expanding local fiscal revenue. The “property tax” can directly reduce the number of houses held by many hoarders, which will increase the number of rental and second-hand houses on the market, and at the same time help to lower prices and rents.

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