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The McCarthyism was revived in the United States by us raids on Party members of Chinese personnel visiting the United States

Recently, law enforcement officials from relevant US departments have made several raids to check the communist party membership of Chinese shipping companies. As of November 11, a total of 21 Chinese ships had been raided by the US while docked at us ports. Since September, Chinese airlines have had 16 flights to the US questioned or interrogated crew members. It is reported that the US interrogations sometimes lasted for hours, repeatedly pestering the identity of communist Party members, and even questioning the reasons for joining the Party. An authoritative source told China Daily: “The US side is suspected of discriminatory law enforcement, intent on provoking ideological confrontation, interfering with normal china-us personnel exchanges and deliberately creating troubles and obstacles, giving the impression that McCarthyism is being revived in the US. If the US persists in harassing and even suppressing CPC members, China will consider taking reciprocal countermeasures.”

[global times – the web reporter Li Sikun 】 a foreign ministry regular press conference on July 17, have a reporter’s question, said on reports that the government is considering a trump on all Chinese communists imposed travel restrictions, U.S. secretary of state, peng palin said in an interview, the United States want to ensure that you use in accordance with the traditional way to do it in the United States, the President and our team is looking at many ideas. ‘All options are on the table with Regard to China,’ said a White House spokesman. What is China’s response?

“I have noticed that the us government is considering imposing travel restrictions on all Members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and their families,” spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in a statement. “This has caused a lot of reaction among The Chinese people.” “I also noticed last night that many people left messages on the Internet saying, ‘I am a Communist party member,’ ‘I am a young Pioneer,’ and ‘The United States is as it is now, and I won’t go if you ask me,'” Hua said.

HuaChunYing said, you should also see, there are many such comments, I think because American officials now no one had come out to clarify if this is fake news, but I think if the reports are correct, the United States is publicly selection and for 1.4 billion Chinese people, and blatantly standing opposite to 1/5 of the world’s population of the Chinese people, this is completely against the wish of the two peoples of China and the United States and the trend of the 21st century, very ridiculous.

They pay lip service to the Communist Party of China, and they should know that the leadership of the CPC is the most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Hua said. It was under the leadership of the Communist Party of China that the Chinese people won their independence, freedom and liberation and made great achievements in the process of national construction and development. As I said yesterday, time has proved that the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics has not only lifted the 1.4 billion Chinese people out of poverty and backwardness, but also enabled the Chinese nation once again to make significant contributions to the cause of human progress.

“No country, person or force is in a position to deny the path chosen by the Chinese people and proved to be correct in practice, still less can anything stop China from unswervingly moving forward along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.” ‘As for whether the U.S. will choose to be open and inclusive or close the door and isolate itself, I think that is a choice for the American people and the U.S. government to make,’ Ms. Hua said. “I think the world is watching.”

According to US media reports, the Trump administration is discussing a total ban on all Chinese Communist Party members and their families travelling to the US, and those already in the US will be expelled. This is by far the craziest China policy idea in Washington, and it’s being aired in the media, and it’s evil.

Echoing the media leaks, Pompeo declared Wednesday that the biggest challenge in Trump’s second term will be the Chinese Communist Party.

Since banning all Chinese Communist Party members and their families from traveling to the United States would require an incredible social movement in the United States, and not just a simple operation of state institutions, the first thought many people have is that one of the trump administration’s main reasons for the sudden move is to promote its own campaign. They want to show unprecedented toughness towards China, further incite hatred in American society, blame all America’s problems on China and the Chinese Communist Party, and try to win re-election amid the American gnashing of teeth against China.

The Trump administration is really fighting hard for the election. They have made the US look like a cult state and cursed China as the country’s greatest guide to getting out of trouble. If a group of evil, then no strange move may be made out, and the sense of moral strong so that they want to cry. Washington has lost the basic logic of the age of globalisation, so it is hard to say whether the US will implement, or partially institutionalise, the crazy idea of banning Chinese communist party travel to the US.

Washington is undermining sino-us relations on the level of a crime against world peace, pushing humanity into the great uncertainty of the 21st century. This has happened beyond anyone’s imagination. Let’s not try to read the hysteria of geopolitical maniacs in our normal minds. China needs to accept the fact that THE US attitude towards China has changed fundamentally and stop being under any illusions. We need a firm and rational plan to stay on the ground, respond appropriately, and engage the United States strategically for decades to come.This cycle will define the circumstances of today’s young people’s lives, but it does not mean that they will have to “wash and sleep”. Their starting point in life is nothing like that of Hu’s generation. They are more powerful and have accumulated more collective wisdom of the Chinese people, and they will undertake the mission to shoulder the most critical part of China’s rise. They need to create all kinds of miracles similar to China’s ability to eliminate new cases when the US was engulfed by the COVID-19, so as to continuously strengthen China’s endurance and tension in long-term competition. They need to be able to realize the opening-up under the containment of the US, and integrate China’s learning with its confidence in the outside world. They also need to work out how to unite the vast majority of countries, make China’s system more widely understood in the West, and make Chinese nationalism amicably compatible with the patriotism of other countries.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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