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The Hawks have five starters on double vengeance. Durant is 28+8+4. Irving is 6 for 21

The NBA regular season resumed and the Atlanta Hawks (4-1) were quick to take revenge. Durant had 28 points and eight rebounds, but Hunter had 23 points and six rebounds, Young added 21 points, five rebounds and seven assists, and Colin Collins had 20 points as the Hawks took a 114-96 lead over The Brooklyn Nets on the road. The Hawks avenged their last loss to the Nets.

Hunter had 23 points and six rebounds for the Hawks, Young 21 points, five rebounds and seven assists, Collins 20 points and eight rebounds, Capela 12 points, 11 rebounds and six assists, Reddish 12 points and seven rebounds and Huett 10 points. Durant had 28 points, eight rebounds and four assists for the Nets, Irving added 18 points, 11 rebounds and four assists on 6-for-21 shooting, and Harris added 12 points and seven rebounds.

The Hawks came away with two straight 3-pointers from Young and a 3-pointer from Collins to give them a 15-8 lead. Durant answered with a jumper, Irving also hit a running shot, and the Nets quickly narrowed the gap to three. Huett scored four straight points off the bench to open the scoring again, Allen hit a 3-pointer and Young added a layup to give The Hawks a 29-23 lead at the end of the first quarter.

After several rallies early in the second quarter, The Hawks’ reserves fired from the perimeter, Hill hit two 3-pointers and Bogdanovich hit 3-pointers in a 17-3 run that led the Hawks 48-32 with 4:20 left in the second quarter. Green’s dunk stopped the bleeding, Durant scored five straight points and Jordan added four from the line before the Nets cut to 43-50 with 4:45 left at halftime. Hunter and Reddish combined for four points before each team scored points and Irving finished the second quarter with a jumper from the right wing that put the Nets behind by nine, 52-61.

Young had 15 points and five assists in the first half, and Capela added 12 points and eight rebounds for Atlanta. Kevin Durant scored 17 points and Kyrie Irving added eight for the Nets.

Irving opened the third with a 3-pointer, hunter and Collins combined for eight points to give the Hawks another double-digit lead. Irving stayed on the offensive and scored five more points, leading his team to a 7-0 comeback that put the Nets down 65-72 with five minutes left in the quarter. Young answered with a jumper, Harris hit a 3-pointer and The Hawks started another run. Collins and Huett each hit 3-pointers to finish the quarter on a 15-5 run, giving the Hawks an 89-73 lead.

Levell and Durant combined to start the fourth quarter with four points, and Reddish hit two 3-pointers and scored eight to help the Hawks extend their lead to 20 points. Harris answered with a 3-pointer, Durant turned and hit a jumper, and the Nets narrowed the gap. Not to be outdone, Hunter hit a 3-pointer from the right wing and Young made two free throws to give Atlanta a 109-93 lead with 2:55 left in the fourth quarter. See hopeless, the Nets replaced the main force disarmed, the Hawks to 114-96 victory.

Hawks starting lineup: Young, Hunt, Reddish, Collins, Capela

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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