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The cold air is coming! To keep warm, don’t tread on these holes!

The temperature drops, staged “fancy heating”, from long Johns, warm treasure, hot water bag, to air conditioning, heating, electric blanket…… Have you found the right way to open it?

In qiu Dong warms up a trick, warm darling always has a place. Stick a piece, the effect is obvious, need not wrap tight small quilt shiver again! However, if the improper use of warm baby, you may have some “conditions.”

First of all, warm baby can not directly contact the skin, should be stuck through the clothes. We can also give the warm baby from time to time to change the position, in order to avoid a part of the continuous flow of heat penetration, unwittingly by the low temperature scald. In addition, because the child’s skin is more tender, it is not recommended to use warm baby.

As the weather grew colder, the iron powder of the hot water began to appear. Gu Dong gu dong after filling water, all day hold not to let go. What should I pay attention to when using a hot water bottle?

The hot water bag of that kind of heat, come more “fierce”. Therefore, when using the hot water bag, one is to pay attention not to fill too full, two is the water temperature should not be too high. In addition, special care should be taken when filling the hot water bottle, so as not to burn improper operation.

To be safe, wrap a towel around your hot water bottle to insulate you. If you want to warm your bed with a hot water bottle, you can also place it between the quilt and the blanket and take it out at bedtime. This will also avoid scalds caused by hot water running out because the lid is not tightly plugged.

In addition, the hot water bag also has a certain life, try not to use “ancestral”, pay attention to timely replacement.

In the cold especially “abusive” areas, air conditioning is always a big show. Pinch to point to calculate, from the last air conditioning not long in August and September, you carefully calculated, is also thinking of cleaning this step to save it?

Air conditioning is easy to breed mold, bacteria, if there is no clean rushed to use, all kinds of invisible “pollution” will quietly circled in the indoor, to do our best for the health of our respiratory tract “block”. So the right thing to do is: Don’t go to the trouble of cleaning regularly.

Warm wind for a while, but always warm wind can make people feel dry mouth. In autumn and winter, whether the family heating is with air conditioning or heating, do not forget to replenish water in time. The humidifier can be used properly and the window should be opened for ventilation.

What needs to be reminded is that if the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, the body is easy to catch cold. If the heating is relatively hot, to appropriately increase or decrease clothes. For home heating, it is recommended not to set the temperature too high.

Additional, still have family habit to use electric blanket, also want to pay attention to temperature not to be set too high, to the electric blanket that cannot control temperature automatically, when reaching appropriate temperature, should cut off power supply immediately. Be careful about the time you use it. To be on the safe side, turn off the power before you go to sleep.

Showing your ankle all year round is the “fashion bottom line” for many young people. No matter how cold the wind is, we should pull up our pants legs and be willing to shake for warmth. We should be the “beautiful frozen person”.

Whether it is to keep warm basically by “shaking”, or cold weather adhere to the ankle, the body is not small damage. Catch a cold, catch a cold, long chilblains and so on the result, just be a little trouble, and like arthritis, rheumatism and so on “big trick”, also be in active accumulation force. Therefore, even if you are young, you should not try to “do”. Winter season, or obediently pants leg down, the long Johns into the socks, let their own warm warm and bad!Heat preservation key 1: Head and neck, wet hair timely blow dry. Many women have long hair, it is not easy to dry after washing, if not blow dry in time, the head cold is very easy to lead to headache, especially in the menstrual period or premenstrual period. In winter, wearing a scarf outside is not only a decoration, it can also protect the neck. Dazhui point of the neck most afraid of the wind and cold. If dazhui acupuncture point gets cold, the cold in the back will worsen, which will lead to Yang qi damage.

2. Keeping warm: waist and abdomen, avoid wearing low-waist trousers. Navel is the door of god, is the thinnest place, very easy to catch cold. As soon as it feels cold, it immediately becomes “moody.” Exposed navel and low-waist trousers, waist and abdomen is very easy to suffer from cold, cold causes qi and blood congestion, general pain, leading to dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other gynecological diseases.

Keep warm key 3: Knee joint, prevent “old cold leg”. Even in winter, many young women also like to wear short skirts, knee joints exposed to the cold environment for a long time, will cause blood circulation is not patchy, leading to “old cold legs”, the legs appear tingling swelling pain and heavy feeling.

Keep warm 4: Feet, wear socks at home. “Cold from the bottom of the foot”, if the feet catch cold, easy to lead to cold evil invasion of the body, the body’s resistance will be reduced, disease may take advantage of. Women wearing slippers at home had better wear socks. If not careful cold, available mugwort bubble feet, drink brown sugar ginger soup water, or hot water, remember just when cold with a timely effect better.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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