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The chang ‘e-5 probe successfully put on the brakes and entered lunar orbit

At 2:58 am on November 28, the Chang ‘e-5 probe, after a 112-hour flight to the moon, successfully ignited a 3,000-cow engine about 400 kilometers above the lunar surface. About 17 minutes later, the engine shut down normally. According to the real-time telemetry data monitoring and judgment, the Chang ‘e-5 probe brake normally and entered the lunar orbit smoothly.

Near-moon braking is one of the key orbit controls during the flight of lunar probe. As the spacecraft approached the moon, it “braked” its relative velocity below the moon’s escape velocity to be captured by the moon’s gravity.

The chang ‘e-5 probe underwent two orbit corrections during the earth-moon transition, reaching its target. Later, the Chang ‘e-5 probe will adjust the altitude and inclination of the lunar orbit, and the lander and ascender combination will separate from the orbiter and the reentry vehicle, so as to carry out the head-on soft landing of the moon and the automatic sampling of the lunar surface as planned.

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2021 Healthy Tips
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