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Tasting local cuisine is also an essential lesson

Every place to travel, in addition to indulge in the landscape to see the customs and historic sites, taste the local characteristics of food is also an indispensable course. Yijun is not only a summer city, but also has a lot of special food. For example, the crispy Queen Pepper Bread, the tender Peng Zu tofu bubble, the spicy and beautiful-looking tomato bread in the soup, the chewy mountain city rabbit, the smooth and smooth Tang King stir, and the fish in the soup noodles, the rotten bacon roll, the tarry buckwheat ear cover, the healthy okra golden roll, the cold powder dry, egg cake and so on, are all worth your good taste!

Some people say that life is just to live, for parents, brothers, sisters, wife, children, friends and so on a series of care about you and the people you care about, but we also have their own ideas, we also want to live for yourself, do what you want to do, you want to wear clothes, buying things they want to buy, and eat their own food to eat.

Perhaps some people will say that people are a social animal, not selfish only to take care of their own ideas, and care about you regardless of the people, it is true, but can we try to live as hard as possible, to pursue what they want to pursue?

Some people may also say that there is a prerequisite for pursuing what you want to pursue, that is, you must have money.

Maybe. Let me give you my opinion.

I and many people are the same, ordinary, my biggest hobby is like eating food, like to eat delicious, but, a lot of time there is no money to eat delicious.

However, in my opinion, food is a concept, as long as I think it is delicious, it is delicious, even if it is just an ordinary steamed bread, a bottle of ordinary water. That’s how I see it.

Life is the state of mind, do not others think, as long as they feel that the world is not so good, not so bad, as long as you have good eyes to find beauty, so, your world is not just gray.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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