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Sudden drop in temperature easy to cold reminder strengthen daily prevention is very important

Recently, with the sudden drop in temperature, more and more people catch a cold. Fan Zhiqi, director of spine health center of Chinese medicine, said that the common cold is a common disease multiple, and Chinese medicine will be divided into three types of common cold: wind-cold cold flu vaccine 2020 coronavirus, wind-heat cold and heat heat cold, and on the treatment to take the classification of syndrome differentiation and diagnosis. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, all three types of cold are related to the constitution.

Fan Zhiqi introduced, the early winter cold is heavier, so the cold for the wind cold sex. Cold is the source of ten thousand diseases, very dangerous to the body, a little careless will cause other complications, such as bronchitis, bronchitis, and serious even cause pneumonia, myocarditis and other infectious diseases. So don’t take a cold lightly.Fearing that their children might catch cold, many young parents wrap their children up from head to toe just as the weather begins to cool. In fact, this is easy to make the child sick. Because although infants and young children are not as hardy as adults, but they are often in a state of exercise, the body is also at any time to generate heat, if suddenly overdressed, the child a little exercise will sweat, and the weather is slightly cold, susceptible to wind attacks and catch a cold, even pneumonia and other diseases. Fan Zhiqi suggests, weather turns cool, add clothings to be able to step by step, make the body ADAPTS weather change step by step, in order to improve cold resistance ability, reduce the occurrence of cold.

In the details of warmth, pay special attention to the warmth of the feet. As the saying goes, “Cold starts from the foot flu vaccine and zinc”, the foot is the junction of Yin and Yang meridians, is the most sensitive place to feel the outside world, and the foot and the upper respiratory tract have a relatively close relationship, so when the temperature drops, you should pay special attention to the feet and ankles to keep warm.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that to treat a disease flu vaccine vasculitis, one must support the cause and cure both the symptoms and root causes. The most effective and healthy way to deal with a cold is to improve one’s immunity flu symptoms 2020. Fan Zhiqi introduced, daily we can prevent a cold through the following methods.

Hot bubble feet: every night with hot water (temperature to almost unbearable) soak feet for 15 minutes, pay attention to the water when soaking feet to not over the surface of the feet, after soaking feet to redness, can prevent a cold;Eat raw scallions: when eating raw scallions, you can heat the oil and pour it on the finely sliced scallions, then eat it with tofu and other cold mix, which is not only delicious, but also can prevent colds;

Gargle with salt water: Gargle with light salt water every morning and evening and after meals to remove oral germs. In the influenza pandemic should pay more attention to gargle with salt water, at this time can be raised head gargle flu symptoms 2020 vs covid 19, so that the full rinse of salt water pharynx better effect;

Massage nasal groove: rub both hands together and massage yingxiang point (located in the nasal groove, the middle point of the horizontal and flat outer edge of the nose) more than 10 times after the palm is hot, which can prevent colds and relieve nasal congestion after a cold.

Rub hands: Rub hands can promote blood circulation, dredge meridians, enhance the immune function of the upper respiratory tract against colds.Moxibustion: in autumn and winter, moxibustion can warm Yang, dispel cold clearing damp, dreg meridians and collaterals, replenish healthy qi, dispel pathogenic factors, promote metabolism, improve immunity and enhance physical quality.

Fan Zhiqi reminds, above method is daily the method that prevents a cold only, once the high fever does not retreat when catching a cold or concomitant other disease, answer to seek medical treatment immediately, avoid to miss optimal treatment time. When there is a high incidence of influenza, should be properly away from crowded places, and increase the number of hand washing. Chills, aches, chills, thought it was a bad cold flu deaths 2020, did not think of bile duct stones caused inflammation and suppuration. The patient’s condition is urgent and his life hangs by a thread. The emergency department of the Fourth People’s Hospital in Shenyang, Liaoning province immediately opened a green channel for its examination and treatment. Finally, the latest ERCP non-invasive surgery was successfully performed by a team of hepatobiliary surgeons, and the patient is recovering well.

Ms. Wang, who lives in Tiexi District, has been in good health. One afternoon last week, she suddenly felt cold and shivered. She thought it was a bad cold, so she took some medicine and felt quite well. However, in the middle of the night, she became seriously ill and felt pain all over her body, so that she could hardly speak a whole sentence. Accompanied by her family members, Ms. Wang rushed to the Fourth People’s Hospital of Shenyang city for emergency treatment. After examining, discover, Miss Wang is not cold at all flu stats 2020 worldwide, the stone in bile duct however is doing an evil job. That day, the director of the night shift of hepatobiliary surgery sun Duo saw the patient’s condition, immediately made a judgment, must immediately operate. “What? Still need surgery? Painful not painful? Will it leave a big scar?” “Take it easy. This is a minimally invasive procedure. Take the stone out, and all your symptoms will go away without scarring. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and now we’re close to 3,000. It’s safe and it’s reassuring.” “Said Sunduo, the director.

It is understood that Ms. Wang’s stone was in the bile duct, not in the gallbladder. Considering the specific situation of the patient, the doctor made a surgical plan. ERCP non-invasive surgery was adopted to remove the stone from the next tube of the mouth to the bile duct, and the operation was non-invasive. Soon after, Ms. Wang was wheeled into the operating room. The operation went smoothly, taking only 20 minutes. “The pus and stones have been removed from the bile duct. Don’t worry. Just have a good rest.” Ms. Wang’s family was relieved to hear the doctor’s words. “Not only did you save your gallbladder worldwide flu statistics 2020, but you didn’t leave a wound. That was a great stroke of luck. Thank you very much.” At present, Ms. Wang has recovered well and has been discharged from hospital.

Traditionally, gallstones were thought to be just pain and not fatal, but doctors have denied this. “Like wang this type of bile duct stones, due to the lower bile duct by stone blocking, after some encrustation will produce a lot of pus and quickly through the hepatic sinus, again through the liver blood capillary net into the blood, and patients with septic shock will appear soon, often in a day or two will need to deal with the emergency, otherwise we may endanger lives.” Doctor Song Duo of hepatobiliary surgery reminds people, must not treat gallstones unduly, symptoms must be timely to go to a doctor. In addition, it is also important to prevent the occurrence of stones in daily life. Director of sun Duo introduces, stone patient has younger trend. Prevention must pay attention to maintain a regular routine of life and good eating habits.

In the last week or two, many people have been going to their communities to get flu shots in advance of this year’s winter. Especially around the young people often told the elderly around the “should pay attention to add clothes in time, don’t catch a cold and fever”.

It is true that winter is a very difficult time for old people. Compared with energetic young people, the elderly from the ability of resistance to germs is relatively weak, if the cold light will appear fatigue, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, bear it well, heavy may still cause a fever, and even some old people will develop into pneumonia because of a common cold.

Not only the elderly have not yet developed immunity children also need to pay attention to, cold weather in winter must do a good job of keeping warm, if there is smog and wear a good mask, to avoid others through droplet transmission.However state by state influenza cases, some people say that cold and fever in winter is a very normal thing, but more need to pay attention to is if never cold and fever in winter, is the body is not good performance, is this statement reasonable?The person that winter does not catch a cold to have a fever, because the body is bad reason?In fact, almost everyone has a cold and fever stage in their daily life.

Compared with other seasons, winter is due to the big temperature difference between indoor and outdoor due to seasonal change, even doctors or experts will stay up late and work overtime, did not pay attention to add clothes, diet irregular body nutrition intake is not enough and other factors, leading to low immunity of the body and thus causing a cold and fever.

In clinical cold also call acute upper respiratory tract infection commonly known, besides the cold that everybody understands, still included acute rhinitis, acute tonsillitis to wait for inflammation to have an attack, and cold place is one kind.

As for the real cause of cold and fever, if it is just a cold, it is likely to be caused by infection with wind chill, low immunity and not paying attention to improve bad living habits. If it is on the basis of a cold also caused by a fever, so many because of virus infection, temperature is higher than the normal range and there is no sign of improvement, should be timely to go to the hospital to do relevant tests.

And don’t worry: studies have shown that common fevers can be solved by finding their root cause, not a big deal.In winter is not cold have a fever, because of poor health, you also must be clear, such persons are generally two kinds of circumstances, is a healthy body to maintain better, always pay attention to the fitness as usual 2019 2020 flu season statistics, is another possible physical abnormalities, such as fever, you don’t have the mind, through adjust the sleep, is not a bad phenomenon, more oh ~ don’t cause cancer to develop。There are no studies that show that not having a fever or a cold or a serious illness is a health problem, and you can keep your heart in your belly.

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