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Premier League – unbeaten in 10 matches! Pogba makes Manchester United 2-1 draw with Aston Villa at Liverpool

Manchester United play Aston Villa at Old Trafford in the 17th round of the 2020-21 Premier League at 04:00am (020:00 GMT January 1). United won 2-1 with Marxial’s opener against Villa’s Traore equalizing and Pogba’s penalty converted by B-Fernandes. At the end of the game, United were level on points with leaders Liverpool, who are second on goal difference.

The two sides have faced each other in the Premier League on 50 occasions – United have won 35, drawn 12 and lost 3, including 19, drawn 5 and lost 1 at Old Trafford. Aston Villa last beat United 1-0 in the Premier League at Old Trafford in December 2009. United have replaced their last league game with a four-man rotation, with Fred, McTominay, Maghar and Luke Shaw back in the starting line-up after a rest, with Pogba making a rare back-to-back start this season.

In the 10th minute, B-Fernandes’ long shot was blocked. United counter – attack with a break from half-time and A pass from B-Fernandes. Marxial shoots with his right foot from 18 yards and Martinez saves. In the 12th minute, Marguire headed the ball from 12 yards after Luke Shaw had taken the left corner. In the 13th minute, Cash crossed from the right and a left-footed volley from an unguarded McGinn from 10 yards was saved by De Gea.

In the 16th minute, Wanbizika crossed from the right and Pogba missed in the middle. Fred shot high with his left foot from 22 yards. In the 25th minute, Rushford ran the ball into the box from 14 yards and was parried, then B-Fernandes passed and Pogba shot wide from 16 yards. The 33rd minute, Maguire inside the box clearance is not far, Elgaqi area front shot was blocked. In the 37th minute, Luke Shaw crossed from the left and B-Fernandes stopped the ball and shot wide from 14 yards.

The 39th minute, Traore free kick on the right direct Angle shot wide. United fought back in the 40th minute, when Mince headed home a cross from The right from Wambisica and marchal headed home from six yards to give them a 1-0 lead. At half-time, United were 1-0 up.

At the start of the second half, In the 48th minute, Maguire carried Gralish to a yellow card. In the 51st minute, Traore passes the ball, cash inserts the right rib 12 yards to shoot high. In the 52nd minute, Gralish’s left side of the box deflected Wanbisca’s cross and Watkins headed home from five yards. De Gea made a superb save. In the 54th minute, Villa counters with a long pass from Gralish and Watkins stops the ball for Elgac, who scores from 14 yards on his left flank.

In the 55th minute, After the referee whistled for Villa offside, Bhai also flew a tackle to receive a yellow card. In the 56th minute, Marcus Rushford ran the ball into the box from 14 yards and Martinez saved. In the 58th minute, Villa set up a free-kick and United had players still talking to the referee. Gralish had crossed from the left and Douglas Lewis had dropped a ball from the centre.

In the 60th minute pogba fell to the ground after making contact with Douglas Lewis in the penalty area and Oliver awarded a penalty that was deemed correct by VAR. B- Fernandes’ penalty gave United a 2-1 lead. In the 65th minute, Marcus Rushford ran the ball past the front of the box to score and Martinez saved. The 71st minute, Luke Shaw pass, Maghar left rib 12 yards, Martinez saved. Pogba’s right-footed shot from 12 yards went wide when Luke Shaw crossed from the left in the 73rd minute.

In the 75th minute, Gralish crosses from the right and Watkins heads wide from six yards. In the 76th minute, B-Fernandez stopped at the edge of the box to clear the ball and shot, and Martinez made a save. In the 77th minute, Luke Shaw took a corner from the left and the ball fell to the outside and Rushford shot wide. Minns headed wide from eight yards in the 83rd minute when Cash kicked a free kick to the right. In the 87th minute, Martez saved from 12 yards on James’ left rib after A pass from Matich.

The 89 th minute, Luke – shaw tactical foul to prevent the counter – attack received yellow card. The 90th minute, Matich in a short period of time consecutive foul yellow card. In the 93rd minute, Gralish pass, Cash long shot by De Gea save bottom line. The 95th minute, Davis inside the area two consecutive shots were blocked. Manchester United won 2-1.

Manchester United (4312) : 1-De Gea / 29-Wannbisica, 3-Baai, 5-Maguire, 23-Luc Shaw / 17-Fred (94 ’38-Tuanzebe), 6-Pogba, 39-McTominay (65-31-Matich) / 18-B-Fernandez (87′ 21-James) / 10-Rashford, 9-Marchal

Aston Villa (4231) : 26- Martinez /2- Cash, 4- Engelho, 5- Mince, 18- Taget /7- McGinn, 6- Douglas Louise /15- Tralet (79 ’41- Ramsey), 10- Gralish, 21- Elgac (84′ 39- Davies) /11- Watkins.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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