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Nissan has withdrawn its support for Mr Trump’s lawsuit against California’s motor vehicle emissions standards

Nissan said Thursday it will no longer support a lawsuit by the Trump administration to ban California from setting its own vehicle fuel efficiency and zero-emission standards as Joe Biden, a US Democrat, takes over the White House, CNN.com reported.

California, the largest auto market in the United States, has historically been allowed to set its own emissions standards under the Clean Air Act, which are higher than the Trump administration’s national emissions standards. In September 2019, the Trump administration proposed abolishing California’s right to set stricter emissions standards. In October of that year, Nissan, GENERAL Motors, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and other auto companies joined the lawsuit and publicly supported Trump. A week ago, GM withdrew its support for the Trump administration, saying its green vehicle goals were in line with California’s and the new federal government’s, and encouraging other automakers to join the fight against climate change by drastically reducing vehicle emissions.

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2021 Healthy Tips
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