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Need not treat 6 kinds of common condition female breast bilges painful

As the pace of after the last of the rates in the 20th, represents the first rates after the body burden is getting heavier and heavier, so health go from bad to worse, in the report, young ill never interrupt information breast cancer awareness month, including the proportion of women breast disease is becoming more and more high, thus, as an important organ of the female breast, not only bearing the weight of the role of curves, also has close ties, and women’s health. Why is breast health getting worse for young women?

1. The pressure is too great, young women because work busy, had to take care of the family of children, mortgage car loan tuition series of pressure for women and children can easily lead to bad feelings, so always angry, sad, all these emotions are a major cause of the breast is not healthy, if often is in the mood, breast easy alarm, have adverse consequences, women can pass the utterance, movement and so on way to eliminate stress, keep the mood, to ensure the health of the breasts.

2. Delayed age of marriage and childbearing: Medically speaking, women should get married and have children in their early 20s and breast-feed their babies. Because age-appropriate breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast disease breast cancer awareness ideas for work. But modern women tend to give birth and breastfeed in their 30s, which increases the risk of breast disease in younger women.

3. High pressure easily leads to bad mood. Modern women are busy with work and life, so they are prone to frequent anger and worry at a young age. These emotions are all bad causes of breast cancer. Often be in the female of this kind of mood, appear mammary gland hyperplasia easily, develop to become breast cancer thereby breast cancer awareness ideas for work. It is suggested that women learn to relieve pressure through narration, exercise and other ways, to keep the mood comfortable, reduce the risk of breast cancer awareness events.

4. Bad habits: because of busy work diet can not be regular, usually heavy oil and salt, fat intake is too high, is also one of the main reasons affecting breast health, many women like to eat meat, pizza, cheese, dessert, fat intake too much, will increase the risk of breast disease. And modern woman work pressure is big, very easy stay up late, drink coffee, smoke, drink, cause mammary gland disease possibly breast cancer awareness information.

So women who want a healthy pair of breasts should pay attention breast pain after menopause treatment in their daily life:

1. Eat less salt, high salt food is easy to make the breast bloated and painful, 7 ~ 10 days before menstruation should especially prevent this kind of food.

Eat a low-calorie, high-fiber diet, such as whole grains (whole wheat bread), fruits and vegetables, and the chemical fiber of legumes.

Massage your chest in the shower every day. May cause excessive outflow of blood to return to the lymphatic system.

Avoid obesity. For women who are overweight, weight reduction will help reduce breast swelling and pain.

To ensure the health of the breast but also pay attention to the shape of the breast change, many young women find themselves young, but the elasticity of the breast is less, less firm and full, because what menopause and breast pain symptoms?

One of the important reasons is excessive on a diet to reduce weight: control food excessively for a long time, the body is in hunger state, can consume the fat inside the breast and collagen gradually, make bosom fat becomes less, pectoral muscle loses, the skin is flabby, especially the person that weight drops sharply in a short time, bosom drooping can be faster more serious.

Habit lying down to sleep: during the work to ensure the work efficiency, many women will climb at work at noon nap on the desk, but lying down to sleep what causes breast pain in older women, it’s easy to let the breast shape change, because the breast tissue is being squeezed from too much when lying down, the breast blood circulation impeded, not only affect the normal development of adolescent girls breast, but also can make a breast deformation outside enlarge prolapse.

Do not wear underwear when motion: when motion does not wear underwear, bosom can not help ground swings greatly, often so the stretch fiber inside bosom is organized suffer permanent injury to have, then droop, the proposal wears motional underwear, protective effect can be better, common underwear usually effect is not big.

During pregnancy: the breast of pregnancy will become larger, the breast before menstruation will shrink. While the breast changes, the breast skin passes stretch to be able to let it become flabby, cause breast to droop easily so.

Whatever the reason lead to breast prolapse, should be caused take seriously, or breast will droop of more and more serious breast pain in women over 65, and if breast prolapse serious words, choosing the right corrective surgery to change as far as possible, at present there are a lot of clinical surgery in the breast ptosis correction method, the effect of different operation methods have different, but so far can reach without postoperative scar, no cut, no tissue trauma only Han Xiao doctor invented artificial ligament breast surgery.

The operation using the incision, and not stitch way, through the 7-10 pinhole, sagging skin, subcutaneous tissue, the fascia, glands and sagging of pectoralis major tightening on the chest wall, sagging skin and tissue, non-surgical ways to nutrition, tightening, rather than increase thickness resection thinning, to restore breasts hemispherical, not the natural state of prolapse. It will not cause serious impact on lactation. During skin suture, the tension around the areola will be kept consistent to ensure the original direction of the skin lines, so that there will be no scars, thus ensuring the normal direction of the head of the breast to the greatest extent. Therefore, this procedure not only ensures the blood supply of the breast tissue, but also enables the breast tissue to be shaped with good results sore breasts menopause. Breast health is a problem that many women care about, not only related to women’s physical health, but also related to women’s defects. No woman does not want to have a pair of straight and healthy breasts. Breast pain is a lot of women will appear the problem, but sometimes do not need to worry about, sometimes need to cause people’s attention, let’s discuss next, look at the breast pain what are the reasons.

Is female breast bilge painful how to return a responsibility?

1. Breast development

It is a normal condition for a woman to develop small lumps in her breast after puberty, which may be accompanied by breast swelling and pain. Adolescent girls body estrogen secretion in large quantities, will promote the development of the mammary gland, breast pain is a physiological phenomenon, not long after they will disappear.

2, menstrual

If the woman before and after menstruation appears the circumstance that breast bilges painful, also need not worry too much too. The reason can appear such condition, because be before female menstruation comes, the estrogen level in the body can show an ascendant trend changes in breasts during menopause, estrogen level rises, bosom can appear faint bilge is painful.

3, pregnancy

The female is during be pregnant, especially be pregnant late, the breast is met normally big circle, in the process that becomes big, appear likely breast bilge painful circumstance. This phenomenon is also normal and is caused by changes in hormone levels. There is no need to worry too much, just change the appropriate underwear.If a woman feels painful and bloated breasts during lactation, accompanied by symptoms of fever and weakness, it may indicate the arrival of lactation mastitis. If you want to relieve the symptoms of this discomfort, you need to continue nursing. If the whole body has a fever, you have to go to a doctor, to be under the guidance of the doctor recommended scientific treatment.

5. Hyperplasia of mammary glands

Mammary gland hyperplasia is a very common breast disease in women, which is also a cause of breast pain. Breast pain caused by breast hyperplasia is not regular at all, at any time period, any age may occur. Sometimes the pain is very mild, sometimes it’s very severe, and in any case you have to go to the hospital and have it checked out. Whether hyperplasia of mammary gland needs to be treated after all, still should see its severity. If it is physiological hyperplasia of mammary gland, there is no need to worry too much, do not need special treatment. If it is pathological mammary gland hyperplasia, must have caused enough vigilance, because this kind of mammary gland hyperplasia is to have malignant change possibility.

6. Other questions

Sometimes the case that appears breast bilges painful, be not breast itself be caused by, with a few other diseases on the body concerned. For example, with cervical spondylosis, the cervical spondylosis can cause compression and irritation of the cervical nerve, leading to edema near the cervical spine, which can lead to breast swelling and pain. Still have a kind of circumstance a lot of people do not know enough, be angina pectoris when attack, nearby place also can appear the pain that involves sex, the heart place of the woman and bosom are very close together, angina pectoris can bring bosom also ache.

Breast health is something every woman should take seriously. Don’t ignore any condition that causes breast discomfort. Breast tenderness is common, but some do not require treatment, others require testing and treatment breast changes during menopause years. After reading this article, I hope I can give you some inspiration. When breast pain occurs, I can eliminate the causes. For many women have the experience of breast pain, breast pain is divided into physiological pain and pathological pain swelling two kinds, physiological pain and disease generally unrelated, pathological pain needs to cause attention, timely go to a doctor.Adolescent girls breast tenderness 2-3 years the breast before menstruation will appear first step changes, nipple will uplift, breast tissue under the nipple will find pea to bean big dome shape scleroma, now has a slight pain is normal phenomenon, after menarche, as the breast of mature will disappear on its own, do not need treatment.

Menstruation breast bilges painful before menstruation, the estrogen level that ovarian secrete rises to be able to feel breast bilge painful, this also is normal physiology reaction, this kind of pain can disappear gradually after menstruation comes tide.

Gestational breast bilge is painful commonly after be pregnant a month, the breast begins to prepare milk for the baby, female, progesterone, prolactin can produce change, mammary gland can increase, feel bilge painful thereby, this kind of circumstance also does not need to treat commonly.Mammary gland hyperplasia 80% of patients with mammary gland hyperplasia will have pain, mammary gland hyperplasia good hair at 30-50 years old women, will feel breast pain, breast lumps, menstrual disorders, mammary gland hyperplasia is generally benign, rarely malignant change, through adjustment of lifestyle most patients can improve, but also need regular follow-up.

The breast cancer of the overwhelming majority early stage is to discover bump is given priority to, only a small part of the patient can appear breast billow painful feeling, bump is close to axillary commonly place, hard, not smooth, push not to move.

Mastitis is commonly seen in new mothers within 1-2 months after delivery, due to milk stasis and bacterial infection breasts enlarged during menopause, breast induration, local skin temperature, tenderness, etc., if abscess is formed, systemic symptoms such as chills and high fever will also appear.

Mammary gland fibroma, mammary gland cyst is common benign mammary gland tumour, very few can produce evil change.Suggest women over the age of 35, need regular breast census year, breast tenderness, suggest you see a doctor in time, lest delay condition, daily wear strong sports bra without rims, regular exercise and a low-fat, high-fiber diet, drink less coffee, tea, cola and other foods containing caffeine, quit smoking and drinking.

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