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Medicated wine must not be disorderly drink with much risk

As the weather turned colder, homemade medicated liquors began to appear. Believe that many people have such experience, if there is a love of wine and good health of the family, medicinal wine is indispensable furnishings in the home. However homemade wine recipes from juice, drinkers need to be aware of the potential food safety risks associated with homemade medicated alcohol, as well as alcohol intake.

Chinese wine culture has a long history. Wine is a genuine fermented food, brewing microorganisms are mainly bacteria, mold and yeast. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, alcohol is a good solvent, which can fully precipitate out the medicinal materials and ingredients soaked in it, which is conducive to the effect of medicine. Therefore, since ancient times to drink traditional Chinese medicine wine to strengthen the body, treatment of diseases is not a minority of people. However, it is necessary to remind that the premise of medicinal liquor health is qualified medicinal materials, preparation conditions and technology qualified, appropriate alcohol concentration.

The medicine wine with drug approval number has the basic characteristics of the medicine, with clear indications, contraindication, limit and time limit, because the improper consumption of the medicine wine can cause nervous system damage, cardiovascular system damage, digestive symptoms, blindness and other serious consequences. Reports on the poisoning of medicinal liquor commonly include poisonings of aconitine, mandala and other poisonous medicinal herbs, methanol poisoning caused by long cooking time, excessive drug concentration of medicinal liquor, and poisoning or damage caused by excessive alcohol concentration, etc.

Additional, the patient that has the basic disease such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes should not try medicaments wine more easily, the patient that takes medicine period especially. The interaction of metformin, glymepirea, warfarin and other drugs with alcohol may lead to “disulfiram-like reactions”, including palpitations, chest tightness, chest pain, hypoglycemia, and hypotension, which may be combined with dizziness, facial flushing, disturbance of consciousness, gastrointestinal bleeding, renal dysfunction best fruit for homemade wine, or even shock. These responses are so rapid and dangerous that public awareness of their complexity and complexity is urgently needed. In addition to alcohol, medicinal liquor contains a variety of other drug ingredients that interact with drugs taken routinely, which can be more complex.

Therefore, no matter what the wine, in addition to the doctor’s advice, we should follow the “can drink less drink less, can not drink no drink” principle. At the same time, considering the food safety risks of homemade medicated wine, it is recommended that people do not brew their own. Before brewing, select processed herbs, consult professionals to determine their physical conditions and fitness for drinking, and assess whether the preparation conditions can meet food safety requirements with wine making instructions for beginners.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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