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Losing weight doesn’t mean losing weight! Loss of body fat may be three signals

Everybody discovers now the person of body fat is more and more, general everybody puts obesity down to now food is good. On the other hand, today’s people have a fast pace of life and less time to exercise every day. Eating well and exercising less will naturally lead to fat accumulation, making our bodies fatter and fatter.Obesity doesn’t just change the way we look, it also affects our physical health. Obesity will not only cause the burden of various organs losing weight without exercise, but also cause a series of diseases and problems. So it has also triggered a national movement, which is to lose weight. Whether you can or not, there are plenty of people who want to lose weight.

Losing weight will not only make us slim, but also make us healthy, killing two birds with one stone. But a lot of people don’t understand, that we lose weight, the body of those we use up the fat is how to get out?Reducing weight is to reduce adipose, how is that adipose discharge goes out? The results were unexpected.The most common way we think about fat is proud flesh, and there are actually two types of fat. A type of brown fat is used to build muscle. It also helps carry nutrients and oxygen to our bodies. The other type of white fat is the energy we need when we’re low on energy, and the white fat we need to lose when we’re trying to lose weight.

So when we lose weight, how do we get rid of the fat? They go out in two ways, one in the form of breathing and one in the form of water. And 84% of the total is discharged by breathing.

Seeing this, many friends may think that as long as we breathe, then we can lose weight. In fact, it is not so, frequent breathing will not help us to lose weight, there may be the situation of our dizziness, so do not in this way to lose weight ah losing weight without exercise fast!

Losing weight is not only about controlling your diet, but also about helping your body’s metabolism through exercise. As we get older, our metabolism slows down gradually, but exercise can speed up our metabolism, which is better for us to get rid of waste and toxins from the body, which not only contributes to our health, but also enables us to lose weight.

For most people, hitting the gym or going out on a regular basis isn’t practical, so try some at-home Pilates exercises losing weight with exercise only. The benefits of this exercise are not only not limited to the field, but also the fat reduction and toning effects are great.Here to share a few classic movements, we follow to learn together!

Action 1: Compound stretch

For women with proud flesh all over their body, this stretch is perfect for you. It burns fat all over your body, not only exercising your waist and legs, but also making your arms thinner, your back sharper weight losing exercises for women, and your hips more warped. Do 4 sets of 20 times a day.

Action 2: Stand and stretch

It’s very simple, but while you’re doing it, you can learn two different ways of stretching. Both of these exercises work well for your arms as well as for your back, allowing you to slim down your arms and have a nice right-sided shoulder. It is recommended to do 4 sets of 20 times a day.

Action three: Leg stretch

It is so sad that girls with meat on their thighs are always called elephant legs. But this movement can help you remove such trouble, when doing this movement, upper body must try not to move, let leg ministry undertake stretching only can. It is recommended to do 4 sets of 20 times a day.To do pilates well, be sure to choose the right type of puller.

This tension device is made of high-density NBR material in accordance with national standards, and the foot is made of anti-skid treatment and striped design, so that when doing sports, bare feet are not afraid of slipping weight loss workouts for women at home. The handle is also anti-skid to make it safer to move. When you lose weight, are you still simply losing weight?

In our life, we can see that many people will try to eat some weight loss products, or diet to lose weight and other unscientific methods.But, often do not have a person to be able to reduce weight successfully, because these unscientific method reducing weight, can achieve to reduce weight only in short time, namely weight drops, cannot decompose adipose truly, let you come down truly thin.

Just because you’ve lost weight doesn’t mean you’ve lost it. Weight loss can be muscle loss, water loss, so your body doesn’t lose weight, and the fat stays in your body.During the process of weight loss, if you lose nutrients, water, and muscle mass in your body, it is not effective for weight loss. If you lose fat, of course your body will lose weight, but losing weight is not losing fat.

Losing weight isn’t about losing weight, it’s about losing fat. Only the body fat is used up, the figure will slowly will be thin. In the process of losing weight, your weight will also slowly drop, which can be considered as a weight loss success.However, there are a few cases where when you lose weight through fitness and gain muscle best weight loss exercise programs for women, you don’t lose weight, you may gain it.

Because muscle and fat have weight, but by comparison, a kilogram of fat is significantly larger than a kilogram of muscle.Experiments have shown that fat is three times as big as muscle, compared to the same weight of fat and muscle. For two people of the same weight, a person with a lot of fat is naturally fatter than a person with a lot of muscle.During weight loss, you not only need to lose excess fat to slim down healthy weight loss programs for women, but also need to increase muscle mass so that your figure curves slowly become firmer.The first method: control quantity of heat on food, eat a few food that scrape fat more, raise body food heat effect.When eating, we have to learn to choose, give up some can make you fat high-calorie food, such as burgers, Fried chicken wings, Fried chicken legs and Fried food, snacks, bread, coffee and so on will make you fat food, try not to eat or eat less, diet control calorie intake.

Lose weight to eat some vegetables and fruits more, vegetables and fruits contain rich dietary fiber, can effectively promote the peristalsis of the stomach, improve the overall digestion and absorption ability. Some high-fiber fruits and vegetables, can play an effective brush fat scraping effect, such as balsam pear, celery, and so on.Lose weight eat more high protein foods, such as eggs, chicken breast, fish and so on these foods, the body needs protein. When the body USES up protein, it burns off excess calories weight loss programs for women over 40, which increases the body’s thermal effect on food and increases your fat-burning ability.

The second method: strengthens the movement to burn fat, does the strength training to improve the body metabolism more.If you want to lose fat, you must exercise more, which is the key to losing weight. Long-term inactivity will not only make fat more easily stored in the body, the individual’s athletic ability decline, physical quality decline, physical fitness decline, easy to become fat physique, people are also easy to get sick.Maintain a certain amount of exercise every day, such as: 40 minutes of running every day, can achieve efficient fat burning, 60 minutes of walking to help the body to promote the stomach peristaltic weight loss supplements for women over 50, improve the body to burn calories, so that your figure thin.

And during reducing weight, you still can join strength training, do a few more squat, pull-up, push-up training to improve the content of muscle, promoted the high metabolism of the body, let your body can maintain in the state of high metabolism. Nowadays, losing weight has become a hot trend. Some people are the pursuit of the perfect body, dressed to look good; Some people have to put weight loss on their agenda for the sake of their health best eating plan for women over 50. But even when everyone struggles to lose weight, the results often vary widely:

Some people’s clothes are looser, but instead of losing weight they are gaining weight.

Some people lose weight, but whether it is the feeling of dressing, or outsiders look the same;

Some people’s waists are thinner, but their legs are still so thick, their faces are still so big…

What kind of changes are actually needed to lose weight and improve health?

Our body weight is mainly composed of fat weight and lean body weight. Fat doesn’t have to be mentioned. Lean body mass mainly includes muscle, bone, water and other tissues in the body.

1 appearance unchanged, weight loss, may be just water reduction

The first step many people take to start losing weight is to eat less. Some people even eat a liquid diet, one meal a day, and after two or three days they will lose weight. But after a full meal or a return to normal eating, the weight goes back to normal.Such weight loss, in fact, the loss of the body is generally only water, after all, the main body composition of 70 percent of water, and fat is still stored in your body. That’s why your appearance hasn’t changed at all.

Weight loss ≠ weight loss, the main element of obesity is excessive fat content, the key to weight loss lies in fat reduction. That is to say, only the fat rate of the body is low, can be called real weight loss.The flesh of the 2 limbs becomes loose, but the person is tired, possibly because of muscle loss.Many people start to lose weight, are more extreme, diet + a lot of exercise or high-intensity exercise, hope to be fast thin ~After a period of time, weight can be reduced really, but often the flesh of limb can become soft weight loss programs for women, and the change in the waist and abdomen is not big, still can appear depressed; Weak body, prone to cramps; Memory loss, mental malaise, etc.This may indicate malnutrition, excessive exercise, or loss of muscle mass.

When we are hungry, the body gives priority to sugars in the blood as energy. With the extension of hunger time and the depletion of carbohydrates, the body will start to use protein as energy source in order to reduce the hypoglycemia, and protein consumption will directly lead to the reduction of muscle.

Therefore, in the exercise, must remember the balanced diet, and add sufficient amount of protein, nutrition to keep up; Choose moderate motion even, do not feel drowsy with oneself after moving, the next day spirit is refreshed, spirit is very good criterion.

2. The clothes are loose and the figure is tight.

A lot of people who stick to exercise will show up, two months after the start of exercise, put on a few pounds, but wear clothes but clearly feel, body shape, the original can not go into the jeans can be put on, a slimmer waist, a flatter abdomen, hip more warped.This actually means the success of losing weight, the fat rate is decreasing.In fact, after proper training and a healthy diet, muscle function is enhanced and the proportion of muscle in the body’s composition is increased.

Muscle density is higher than fat. In other words, if you lose a certain amount of fat and gain the same amount of muscle, you will gain weight because your muscle is heavier, so you can’t just lose weight.

This is most evident in the early days of the campaign. As the metabolic rate returns to high levels, the ability to break down fat increases, and you see slow and sustained weight loss.

The change of body weight is also related to the individual’s physique

(1) Healthy people: people with a healthier constitution, less affected by other factors, so the weight loss is more obvious and regular.

(2) people with mild chronic diseases: like obesity, fatty liver and other people general visceral fat accumulation more, and just began to reduce the first exercise is visceral fat, which is not visible; Then you start to lose subcutaneous fat in all parts of your body.

In other words, in the initial stage of fat loss, such people will reduce the burden of organs and help regulate and restore the function of organs and tissues, and then they will lose weight and need to persist.

(3) Weak people: this kind of people in the beginning of fat reduction, weight is the most easy to increase.

Because such people often have disharmony of spleen and stomach, lack of qi and blood, and through exercise, this situation can be improved, the human body can absorb the nutrition to eat, thus there will be a weight gain situation; And wait until spleen and stomach function is harmonious, metabolism returns to normal, just can begin to lose weight slowly.

3. Successful performance in reducing fat

Less food, more hunger

After a period of scientific exercise, the body’s muscle composition increases, and muscle cells contain more mitochondria. The more mitochondrial cells there are, the more energy they consume and the more energy they provide.The same diet, more energy, also less hunger.

Obesity makes taste buds lose most of their sensitivity, so obese people prefer fatty, heavier-tasting foods; A high-fat diet, in turn, induces changes in gut flora, which increases the number of putrefying bacteria that send signals to the brain, triggering a craving for high-calorie food. This creates a vicious circle.

After exercise, taste buds become more sensitive and even a light diet becomes more acceptable. And the good bacteria in your gut increase with exercise, reducing the urge to eat fatty foods.

Fat people need more oxygen because they have more body fat, so they stretch and breathe more often every day.

And when your figure is thin come down, adipose decrease, the body is opposite oxygen demand is less, the number of deep breath nature can become less, the person can become spirit gradually rise, the number of stretch is opposite also become less.Defecation is unobtrusive.

According to the data, the fatter people are, the more likely they are to be constipated. This is because obesity will affect the functioning of the body, such as the impact of intestinal peristalsis and digestion, resulting in a decline in metabolic capacity, will make the body more fat, and lead to constipation, which is a “vicious cycle”.

If you find that your constipation improves during your weight loss, it’s a sign that your weight loss is working. This is more as a result of adipose content in the body is decreased slowly, intestinal digestive function returns to normal, the efficiency that the body educates metabolization waste rose.

A more direct and convenient way is to use body fat to measure whether your body fat rate has changed, as well as basal metabolism and visceral fat index. If there is an improvement, it means your body is slowly getting better.

3 Thin waist, legs are still so thick,It may have something to do with everyday posture

A smaller waist often means less visceral fat, and women with some pear-shaped genetic build more muscle in the lower body and tend to accumulate subcutaneous fat, so losing the circumference of the hips and thighs is more difficult and takes longer.

In addition, some daily habit problems can also become a “push hand” with thick legs:

1. Sit too long and cross your legs

Sedentary, still like to cross legs, these two habits will lead to our lower half blood flow and lymphatic circulation blocked, easy to cause edema, also easy to lead to waste in the body can not be decomposed, make fat, water accumulation form orange peel tissue.It is recommended to get up at least once every hour and do some simple stretching or stretching.

2. Walking Style

Eight outside walking, eight inside serious; Or when you walk, you drag your feet to the floor, you rub the ground all the time… When walking in the wrong position, it is easy to disturb the balance of muscle groups in the legs, and the power is not uniform, which naturally leads to the appearance of thick legs.

In addition, wear shoes that do not fit the foot will also cause abnormal walking posture, so it is recommended that people do not wear too small, too hard shoes for the sake of beauty.

3 Bear low temperature

Even if autumn and winter came, the weather is cold, there are many girls choose to wear shorts, short skirts, would rather cold shiver, also want to stick to the “demeanor”.But actually, after lower half body catch a cold, can bring about female menstruation not to move not only, dysmenorrhea, still can make the blood circulation of lower half body changes bad, adipose accumulation, cause next half body fat then.

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