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Kunming City of Flowers food inventory, local people love authentic Yunnan flavor in one stop to enjoy

As a representative landmark mall in Kunming, the City of Flowers not only features multi-dimensional industrial structures such as scenic spots, cosmetics, hotels, cultural and creative industries and weddings, but also has a bright color of food. Kunming City of Flowers is not only fun but also very delicious, different grades, different flavors, different Yunnan special snacks can be enjoyed in the City of Flowers at one stop.

Speaking of the food in Kunming City of Flowers, the most popular one among diners is Yunkui Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodle, which is led by Master Huang Jingkun, the chef specially invited by A Bite of China and one of the TOP ten famous chefs in China. It has been continuously improved and created by more than 1000 days and nights. Yunkui selected plateau snow mountain natural spring water boil soup bottom, rich in a variety of human body needed trace elements and minerals spring water entrance sweet; In addition, local pigs and chickens that have been raised for more than one year in the mountains are selected, supplemented with a variety of secret ingredients. After 8 hours of slow cooking, the broth is mellow, fragrant and nutritionally rich, and each bite is the taste of time. Finally, it is matched with ecological rice noodles made from thousand-year-old ancient well water of Yunnan Honghe River, which tastes soft and glutinous, and can not be cooked for a long time. Match with that one chatter attractive and rich side dishes, chicken fir, grass sprouts, ham slices, chicken… To achieve the authentic Yunkui bridge rice noodles flavor.

It is understood that the famous director and actor Yu Rongguang was also deeply attracted by this bowl of authentic Yunkui bridge rice noodles. Teacher Yu Rongguang said: “Having eaten rice noodles across the bridge from all over Yunnan, I know more about Yunkui’s kung fu and perseverance.” At the same time, Mr. Yu Rongguang served as the “Chief Product Supervision Officer” of Yunkui and personally participated in the product research and development of Yunkui, just to provide each consumer with better quality, healthy and delicious products.

Yunkui in addition to the bridge rice noodles, but also brought together dozens of Yunnan special snacks. Black sugar rose bean is one of its signs, white bean poured on the secret black sugar rose sauce, only one bite, a delicate slide from the tip of the tongue to the stomach, accompanied by the fragrance of rose and bean fragrance, close your eyes to enjoy, like a girl in the ballet. There are old stewed fat sausage, stewed pig tail, stewed chicken wings, spicy cold chicken, spicy seaweed salad… Yunkui is a very popular snack, with bridge rice noodles, let a person’s appetite increase.

Flower City · Flower Meow Flower Cake — Yunnan people really good flower cake

For people in Yunnan, who have a habit of eating flowers, they are good at making snacks with rose petals. Flower City · Flower Miao Flower Cake has made a deeper research and innovation on the tradition of “eating roses” in Yunnan. The rose petals are stored in a professional fermentation room and fermented at constant temperature and humidity for one year through the ancient technique of “one layer of rose and one layer of sugar” with a small amount of sugar and a small amount of honey as raw materials. Like this through time and ingenuity brewed out of the rose filling color is wine-red, a bite, taste sweet and thick, to the tip of the tongue to bring endless fragrance, the best delicious is such.

As a characteristic flower cake in Yunnan, in addition to the ancient method brewed rose filling soul ingredients, other series of food ingredients selected by flower miaow are essential key roles. Shaanxi Guanzhong wheat, mountain insect eating deep groove chicken and egg, original ecological pig suet, Yunnan Luoping rape flower nectar, Xuanwei old ham, etc., through the perfect match of food materials, the unique Yunnan people really good flower cakes.

Secondly, the flower meow in the tradition of the classic craft at the same time, is not restricted to the traditional, innovative research and development in addition to the classic flower cake of buckflour cloud leg flower cake, rose crisp, rose small crisp cake, and the use of Lijiang Naxi water crisp technology made of water crisp rose cake…… Behind each dessert is the hundreds of preparations and attempts made by the national chef, Master Huang Jingkun, who is the guest chef of A Bite of China. It is such ingenuity that creates delicious miracles and brings the guests a mouth-watering taste.

In kunming city of flowers, in addition to meow flowers cakes YunKui across the bridge rice noodle, two food brands, collection and yunnan local characteristics snacks around the “square YunZhen cuisine”, providing a delicious western-style buffet in the “yi enjoy pavilion food tasting center”, to provide one-stop butler service from high-end catering to customize party’s “flower jia hui, mountain seafood hot pot”… Gourmet food, travel to Yunnan must eat food in the City of Flowers can be a stop to taste.

In addition, in addition to offline experience stores, Flower City also has the “Online Flower City” — Flower Enjoy platform, which is also affiliated to Yunnan Yimei Group. As the welfare center of Yimei Group, it is also a one-stop shop for all categories of “clothing, food, accommodation, travel and entertainment”, such as beauty, beauty and skin, life and food. And flower enjoy Hui deep insight into the needs of different consumer groups, the establishment of a professional team of good things strictly selected, uphold the product for the whole network best-selling, stars or professional bloggers strong recommendation of planting grass, and in line with the principle of new, strange, special, excellent characteristics, in-depth throughout the country’s production sites or product supply chain front-end preferred products. Organize a tasting team to try, track and try, and give a detailed score on the actual taste and use effect of each product. If the comprehensive score is over 80 points, it will be considered to put it on the “Flower Enjoy Selection” platform of Hua Enjoy.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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