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Inheriting traditional food makes the intangible cultural heritage come alive

Traditional handmade food has accumulated rich cultural connotation and spiritual memory, and contains a unique regional spiritual core. In the past 19 years, Wang Shuxiang, a female entrepreneur in our city, has devoted herself to the inheritance of traditional food. She has promoted the craft of making handmade zongzi and handmade steamed bread into the representative list of intangible cultural heritage projects in our city. While carrying forward the traditional food culture, it has produced good economic and social benefits.

On March 19, the reporter saw Wang Shuxiang, who was making handmade steamed buns with employees. Pure old noodles and noodles soft and elastic, smell has a natural sweet taste, after pressing, kneading, rubbing, group, wake hair and other processes, and then steaming with iron pot, tough but not hard, hair but not Xuan, wheat fragrance, break apart after the distinct layer, the flavor is natural out of the ordinary.

Wang Shuxiang told reporters that childhood memories of the zongzi pack is yellow millet, with the development of The Times, the local people also gradually eat white rice zongzi. Since the establishment of the food enterprise, she has been going out to learn and hired foreign technicians to teach her skills. The zongzi developed by her is the best in both northern and southern zongzi, which enriched the stuffing, taste and shape of zongzi and created the original red sorghum series zongzi. “Red sorghum with glutinous rice, red sorghum with millet for the date, red sorghum meat and egg yolk. Young people like this salty zongzi,” said Wang. In 2018, we won the first prize in the National Zongzi Association, and now we have developed to more than 30 varieties of zongzi.

Good taste depends on good ingredients. Not only does Wang use carefully selected leaves and fillings to make zongzi, but she also uses flour for handmade steamed buns. To improve the taste of steamed buns, Wang got people to plant a childhood wheat variety called Yannong 15. “I want to develop and pass it on locally, and I pass it on to employees who have the same feelings as me. ‘Yannong 15’ produces only 500 to 600 jin of this kind of wheat per mu, so the common people are not willing to plant it. But in order to get back the sense of the wheat flavor I ate when I was a child, I started planting in order to carry forward the traditional food culture, and at the same time drive the local people to increase income and become rich.” “Wang Shuxiang said.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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