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HPV gene therapy breakthrough New Zealand EZZ JTN immune tablets have been unveiled

HPV, the human papillomavirus, is responsible for a variety of female gynecological diseases and cervical cancer. When it comes to hpv vaccination 2020, the biggest pain point in the treatment is the difficult eradication of the virus, high recurrence rate. In this regard, authoritative experts said that HPV, as a double-stranded DNA virus, its pathogenesis needs to be integrated into the genes of the host before it can lead to various diseases and cell cancerosis. Because of this, only targeted at the lesion site of the simple surgical treatment and drug therapy, there is no way to completely eradicate the HPV virus has been latent in the human gene, to fight HPV, we need a “genetic weapon”.

New Zealand-based gene technology firm EZZ has been the first to break the industry’s deadlock. The production of the world’s first certified by the Australian TGA approved oral HPV therapeutic immune tablets, the product USES the latest gene therapy, with up to 97% of the effective cure strong HPV positive to negative, and can build their own HPV firewall, prevent the virus re-invasion and recurrence. It is reported that the product is expected to enter the Chinese market soon.

Existing HPV prevention methods pain point polygene therapy has become a consensus in the scientific community.

When it comes to HPV, many people think of THE HPV vaccine first hpv vaccination women, but they don’t know that the HPV vaccine is only for the prevention of HPV treatment, if there is HPV virus in the body, the vaccine will not work. At present, the treatment methods of HPV positive are mainly surgical treatment and drug therapy.

In the HPV surgical treatment, the most common laser electrocaution, microwave, freezing, photodynamic and other four therapies, these therapies can effectively remove the diseased tissue, control HPV virus continues to harm the human body, but can not completely drive out HPV virus from the body. In drug therapy hpv vaccine stigma, most of the common treatment of HPV is external drug, such as podophyllotoxin tincture, which can inhibit the division and proliferation of wart cells, but also cannot solve the purpose of HPV virus in the body. Existing HPV prevention and treatment, call for a brand new product, can cooperate with surgery and drug treatment, in the elimination of the diseased tissue at the same time, completely eliminate HPV in the body.

HPV is a DNA virus that can lurk in human genes, so in recent years, several countries around the world have begun gene therapy research against HPV. It is understood that gene therapy can comprehensively eliminate all HPV viruses lurking deep in the tissue and have been integrated into the gene, which is currently recognized as the best way to prevent and treat HPV in the global life science field.

EZZ pioneered the genetic bionic cell algorithm, opening a new era of HPV “oral” prevention and treatment.

Although the scientific community has reached a consensus on the use of gene therapy to prevent AND treat HPV, the application of the therapy in HPV prevention products remains a problem. New Zealand’s top scientific research institution, the New Zealand Gene Research Center, has made a breakthrough with its pioneering genetic bionic cell algorithm, which can help the human body to eliminate THE HPV virus in a comprehensive way hpv vaccine fetus , with the four functions of HPV virus removal, cure, repair and protection.

According to Dr Taylor, head of the HPV project at the New Zealand Genetic Research Centre, the gene therapy has three main aspects to combat HPV. “The first is to detect vitality, to detect and awaken the detoxification function of human genetic cells; Secondly, repair the damage, kill the virus and necrosis factor comprehensively, strengthen the antiviral ability of gene cells; And finally, prevention, enhancing the targeted immunity of the gene cells to the HPV virus, and generating the HPV ‘protective shield’ to prevent the virus from re-entering the host and causing a second infection.”

Among them, the first application of the therapy of oral HPV immunization EZZ JTN now available, the product by New Zealand gene research center and EZZ joint research and development of the college of life science, every food and drug administration for Australia TGA certification, to become the world’s first Australian food safety certification of oral HPV immunization, it is alleged that the product of HPV Yang turn efficiency is as high as 97%, with HPV broad-spectrum killing, no age, disease cure effect to prevent recurrence.

The reporter learned that, in the formula, the product USES nine degrees of compound formula, nine natural ingredients and gene technology together, health is not counter-habiting, comprehensively improve the gene antiviral ability, so as to achieve the effect of strong protection against HPV virus.

According to the clinical data, after taking EZZ JTN immunotablet for a course of three boxes, the symptoms of HPV infection would be significantly reduced. After two sessions the symptoms go away and the HPV virus is eradicated; After three courses of treatment, the rare ingredients in the product will help repair the defective gene and consolidate the effect. After six courses of treatment, cell protection will be improved by 99%, and self-built HPV antibodies, a comprehensive prevention of recurrence of re-infection.

International health experts for many years engaged in the study of HPV of gene therapy has been introduced into the EZZ JTN immune gave high evaluation hpv 16 18 45 positive, experts believe that immune piece of scientific nature, advancement and effectiveness of the product is what HPV prevention and cure does not have, it will change the medicine of the present condition of the HPV cure is difficult in the world, open the HPV “oral” prevention and control of new era, make the world more HPV away from patients with HPV. HPV (human papillomavirus) is the main causative agent of cervical cancer, and nearly 99% of cervical cancer is related to HPV. On November 17, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the Global Strategy for accelerating the Elimination of Cervical Cancer, committing the world for the first time to eliminating a single cancer. WHO documents specify that girls aged 9-14 WHO have not had sex should be the primary target of vaccination, and immunization strategies should give priority to ensuring high vaccination rates in this population.

Recently, shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places of nine-valent HPV vaccine appointment because “one shot is difficult to find” frequently boarded the hot search. Among young women in China, the common sense of HPV vaccination has been quite popular, but there are still many misunderstandings about it.

Don’t men get THE HPV vaccine?

In fact, HPV can infect both men and women, and the main way HPV is transmitted is through sexual contact, and it can be transmitted from mucous membrane to mucous membrane. In addition to inducing cervical cancer, it is also the culprit of many diseases such as condyloma, anal cancer, vaginal cancer and penile cancer hpv genotype 16 positive ab. When a person is infected with HPV, most of them can be cleared by their own immune system, but they can still pass the virus on to others. Male vaccinal vaccine can prevent the precancerous lesion of some reproductive organs, wet wart and so on.

“Men don’t get cervical cancer, but they are the main carriers of the HPV factor. “Vaccinating men against HPV protects, first, their partners, and second, as HPV causes other cancers, protects itself.” The recommendations were made by Harald Zur Hausen, the father of the HPV vaccine.

Australia began to vaccinate boys aged 12 to 15 in 2013 with the quadrivalent HPV vaccine. After long-term statistics, not only the vaccinated population, but also heterosexual women older than 30 who were not vaccinated, the HPV infection rate also dropped significantly, proving that the promotion of the vaccine has a population effect. The UK government said in 2019 that it would vaccinate boys and children against HPV, a move that is expected to save 100,000 cancer cases in the UK over the next 40 years. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2019 that HPV vaccine can prevent more than 90 percent of cancers caused by human papillomavirus, and recommended that all children aged 11 to 12 be vaccinated against hpv positive 16 18 negative.

You won’t get cervical cancer with the HPV vaccine?

Unfortunately, the HPV vaccine does not 100% prevent cervical cancer, and the HPV vaccine that has been marketed does not fully cover all HPV subtypes. HPV has hundreds of subtypes, more than 30 of which can cause disease, and can be divided into high-risk and low-risk types. At least 14 high-risk subtypes are known, among which subtypes 16 and 18 are most at risk. These vaccines can prevent higher rates of cervical cancer. Of the cervical cancer patients found in Shanghai, these two subtypes, 16 and 18, account for 70%.

“The HPV vaccine does not treat existing infections, it can only prevent new and specific types of HPV infection, and only if you give it early enough will the vaccine have an effect on cancer prevention,” said Harald Zur Hausen. If you already have cancer, vaccinating won’t help.”

Prevention of cervical cancer requires regular screening, especially in sexually exposed women, in addition to vaccination.

Zhao Yun, deputy director of gynecology at Peking University People’s Hospital, suggested that only cell screening should be conducted for healthy people under the age of 30. If the screening results are negative, the test can be repeated three years later. For healthy people over the age of 30, cell screening and HPV testing are recommended positive hpv genotype 18 45. If the results are double negative, they can be tested again after 5 years.

In addition, excessive or high-risk sexual partners, premature sex, fertility, preterm birth, sexually transmitted infections (such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.), and autoimmune diseases increase the risk of HPV infection; Factors such as oral contraceptives, smoking and genetics also increase the risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important for the prevention of cervical cancer.

HPV vaccine is useless after 25?

According to the National Health Commission, the nine-valent HPV vaccine is only available for vaccination of women aged between 16 and 26. Cervical cancer vaccination is best given before a woman has her first substantial sexual contact. But experts say you can still get vaccinated even if you’ve had sex. It’s just that when women have sex, the chances of being infected with HPV increase dramatically, which is less economically worthwhile, but not without medical value.

Harald Zur Hausen said: “Germany has recommended that the age of HPV vaccination should be set before the age of 25. But if a person has never had sex, even if he or she is in his or her 40s or 50s and still deserves to be vaccinated, the vaccine will work.”

HPV vaccine has side effects?

There is no vaccine that does not carry any risk. Data from an Australian study showed that the incidence of significant side effects, such as an allergic reaction to the protein components of the vaccine, was very low among the 1 million people vaccinated against HPV. This side effect of the HPV vaccine has been greatly exaggerated by the media in the past. The HPV vaccine is generally safe, with the exception of a small number of people who have reported a slight increase in body temperature following vaccination.

HPV vaccine to be revaccinated after 5 years?

There is no 5-year invalidation of HPV vaccine. There is no recommendation of “once every 5 years” in domestic and international guidelines. “Once every 5 years” may be a misreading of a foreign literature. The FOUR-valent HPV vaccine provides protection for up to 12 years, according to a study in four northern European countries hpv positive 16 18 negative. Mathematicians have built a mathematical model showing that the protection after vaccination is no problem for 50 years. And 50 years is a corollary, and it takes time to see if it’s true hpv 16 positive now what.

Can genetic testing replace HPV vaccination?

It makes no sense to say that cervical cancer can be prevented by no vaccine, only genetic testing. HPV can be repeatedly infected, and almost all cervical cancers are caused by persistent infection with high-risk HPV types. It is generally believed that there is no need to test for HPV infection in the body before inoculation. At present, no single HPV gene test has been approved in China as a preliminary screening program for cervical cancer. So genetic testing is not a substitute for normal pap hpv positive guidelines.

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