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help me identify these tomatoes some tips for choosing tomatoes

Tomato this vegetable ingredient, it is very nutritious, tomatoes are rich in lycopene, has a good antibacterial effect recipes for tomatoes from garden, in addition to malic acid, citric acid and other nutrients, can effectively help digestion what to make with tomatoes from garden, the most important is that tomatoes contain rich vitamin A, can help bone growth.

Tomatoes can be eaten raw, mixed with sugar, stir-fried with eggs, or even made into egg-drop soup in a variety of simple ways to make tomatoes the most popular food on the table.

However, when you go to the market to buy tomatoes, I wonder if you have noticed that most of the tomatoes you buy in the market have a far different taste than the tomatoes you grow at home. Although they look big and red, they lack juice and are not sweet or sour at all.

At first, I kept thinking that the tomatoes I bought weren’t good enough. After getting to know a vegetable farmer, he told me that in today’s market, most tomatoes are treated with ripener and grown in vegetable greenhouses, so the taste of such tomatoes will naturally be greatly affected compared with home-grown tomatoes.

The farmer told me that the so-called ripener is a gas called ethylene, which speeds up the ripeness of tomatoes. If you spray it on the tomato, it makes it big and red. Although the tomato looks good, it has very little nutritional value and doesn’t taste good.

In order for me to identify this tomato, the farmer also taught me some tomatoes skills, he told me: use these skills to choose tomatoes, choose tomatoes generally will not be too bad, at least can let you buy tomatoes will not be ripe.

And ordinary production of tomatoes, its appearance looks round, smooth, if the use of ripening agent ripening tomatoes, its growth will be damaged, resulting in the appearance of tomatoes change, appear long package or deformation phenomenon.

If tomato normal growth, it will have a layer of the surface of a mixture of green and a red layer of mixture, the sort of look very red tomatoes, are generally called ripening agent, this is largely because, when the tomato growth, there are some surface is backlit, the surface of the backlight can present green, won’t appear the phenomenon of full red.

When buying tomatoes, in addition to the color to distinguish, you have to hand to pinch the surface of the tomato, so that you can make a better purchase. If the tomato has turned red, it is fully ripe and should feel soft rather than hard. If it should be hard, do not buy the tomato.

Ordinary ripe tomato, under normal circumstances its internal moisture content will be higher, if it is ripeness tomato recipes for fresh garden tomatoes, its internal moisture content will be lower. So for tomatoes of the same size, you have to choose a heavier tomato to get it, which gives you more juice and ripeness.

How about the tomatoes finally bought, the root of the tomato will generally stay, normal ripe tomatoes, gently pull it can be pulled off, if it is the use of ripener to ripen tomatoes, it is difficult to pull it off with your hands, such tomatoes must be careful.

Summary: The above what can i make with fresh tomatoes, is the vegetable farmer gave me some ways to buy tomatoes, to buy tomatoes, you are still silly to choose that kind of big red tomatoes? If you’re still buying tomatoes like this, just switch.

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2021 Healthy Tips
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