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Euramerican style manicure comes, a stunning type at a glance

The reason why many girls feel inferior is not because their face is not good-looking, but because their hands are not good at professional manicure and pedicure set. It looks like a short one with no characteristics. In fact, the face can be modified not only through the day after tomorrow, but also the hands, as long as people do an extended manicure, you can visually elongate your hands. So today I am going to bring you a period of European and American extended manicure, one eye stunning type, very slim fingers!

This manicure looks like a very comfortable style, with transparent color as the overall background color, which is very similar to the color of your fingers, full of clarity. The mixed accessories are full of celebrity style, either flashing or pearls, but they don’t give the impression of redundancy and backstroke, instead they are very bright. Like this manicure is in natural light and light will be very very dazzling, very suitable for working girls.

The first sight of this beauty is very comfortable, with a somewhat holy feeling in the dream, a bit like the European and American Barbie style, the color is very clean milk white, and transparent color. Many people worry about whether the transparent color on the hand will appear particularly black, in fact, it is not electric manicure tools with attachments. Sometimes the hands are a little darker to highlight the features of this manicure.

In fact, winter is also very suitable for this orange tone, but if a hand is orange, rather too publicity, and the color is not very white hand, a bit abrupt. If that makes this kind of translucent aureate and orange overlap, can appear very advanced, have temperament very much, resemble the red maple leaf of autumn same, let a person leave unforgettable impression. And little sister’s hand this manicure or very advanced, both students and office workers can be used oh. Every netizen also knows that the clothes of stars are very good, and they know their advantages and disadvantages very well. This is also why stars always look amazing on camera. The main reason is that they dress up. Want to see in front of Song Qian, she is very will dress up, every time can be amazed by her.

You can also notice from the photos that Song Qian is recording a new episode of the show. She knows that she has gained some weight recently, so she is wearing a sportswear. Since the program was recorded during the Spring Festival, Song Qian, who had no job, gained a lot of weight at home. In addition to being good at dressing, Song Qian is also very detail-conscious, just like the manicure in front of you, you can also notice the trend.

Song qian’s manicure is pure black, and when the camera zooms in, you notice it looks like a liquid, which is why it’s called a “liquid manicure.” Each netizen also can notice the effect after Song Qian gets started professional manicure and pedicure tools, very current, cause netizen to imitate. But after learning about the price, many chose to give up, because Song qian’s manicure was expensive, several times more expensive than ordinary nails.

Below is a manicure done by Song Qian, which is indeed a little expensive. This manicure has improved Song Qian’s temperament professional manicure and pedicure kits. Small make up the story to stop here, you usually do manicure how much price, Song Qian this manicure is not very trend?

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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