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Diego Maradona autopsy results announced! The onset of illness and death took only 12 minutes

Diego Maradona autopsy results announced! From the onset to death only 12 minutes, leaving the last word. Today early morning, bad news came again, maradona legend due to illness, died at the age of 60, from the perspective of the news of Argentine media reports, maradona underwent surgery in early November on the head, at that time, maradona was diagnosed with a brain subdural hematoma, after the surgery, maradona also once was changed, but the recent, maradona’s situation was suddenly become bad again, today lies in the homes in Argentina’s diego armando maradona in the morning.

Maradona got up early, had breakfast and took a walk, as usual, but he was tired and ready to take a rest. “I’m not feeling well,” he said before lying down. Maradona’s assistant found maradona has not up at noon, you want to call maradona, maradona’s assistant discovered maradona has lost consciousness, and it was 12 o ‘clock at noon in 50 points, then the assistant immediately call for an ambulance, but everything is too late, only 12 minutes, 13 points 02 maradona was declared dead, from the onset to death only for 12 minutes, maradona even have no chance to leave a few words and leave.

The local medical examiner also performed an autopsy on Maradona’s body and confirmed that he died of natural causes. Maradona’s death to world football to shock, as one of the 20th century’s greatest footballer, maradona led team achieved a another honor, is referred to as the “great”, the public while maradona scored a lot of achievements on the pitch, but its otc habits bring us a lot of controversy, to say the maradona now due to illness, died with his former habits are a relationship.

Many fans also expressed their grief for Maradona, saying: “It feels like our youth has ended and the years of passion have slipped away.” “A generation of legendary curtain call, leaving behind forever classic! Good journey, Old Horse!” “Great star falls, global grief! Maradona passed away tonight, a sad night for maradona.” “I fell in love with football because of the famous name of Maradona in the 1980s. Today you are gone. May you still be happy in heaven and have a good journey!” “I will miss Maradona forever. Goodbye to my idol. Thank you for the fun you brought and rest in peace.”

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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