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Chang ‘e-5 succeeded in setting the moon

After about 380,000 kilometers of earth-moon transfer, near-moon braking and lunar circumlunar flight, the Chang ‘e-5 probe landed safely near Mount Rumke and Sharp Moon Creek in the northern part of the moon’s front storm ocean on the evening of December 1. This is the third successful soft landing by a Chinese probe on the lunar surface and the first time that a human probe has set foot on the moon. Both the successful lunar landing of Chang ‘e-5 and the upcoming missions of scientific exploration and autonomous sampling and return are full of interesting things to watch and look forward to.

When it is 1.5 kilometers from the lunar surface, Chang ‘e-5 uses an optical imaging sensor to avoid rough obstacles and eliminate large obstacles. When it is only 100 meters away from the lunar surface, the backup laser 3D imaging sensor on chang ‘e-5 will precisely avoid obstacles and accurately identify and select the landing point.

When chang ‘e-5 arrives at the selected landing point, one side begins to descend vertically, and when it is close to the lunar surface, the engine will be turned off and the body will fall into free fall…

Landing leg cushion landing! So far, chang ‘e-5 perfect fall moon!

Active deceleration, rapid adjustment, rapid approach, precise selection of points, steady landing… The whole process of falling the moon, a series of complex and delicate movements are completed by Chang ‘e-5, like a wandering in the moon, graceful.

“The landing of the Chang ‘e-5 mission and the braking of the near moon, are only one chance, must be a success. It can be said that the process of moon landing is to find the landing point while flying. Within 15 minutes, the whole course of autonomous parachute about 600 kilometers away was completed.” Peng Jing, deputy chief designer of the Chang ‘e-5 probe system at the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.

After landing, with the support of the ground tracking and control side and the space application science mission, Chang ‘e-5 completed the state check, preparatory work state setting, landing area imaging and other tasks successively…

In order to achieve the “location is correct, accurate,” chang e v five-department 502 adopted the China aerospace science and technology group has been applied in the goddess of the moon on 3 and 4 of “coarse fine relay obstacle avoidance” means, in 502 the developed guided navigation and control (GNC) system, under the command of the will “coarse obstacle avoidance” and “essence of obstacle avoidance, the combination of” let chang 5 landing firmly.The key to the fall of the moon is the word “stability”. When Chang ‘e-5 falls into the moon, it will have a big impact on the lunar surface. Therefore, it is necessary to design a corresponding landing buffer system to absorb the impact of landing and ensure that the probe will not fall over or fall. This is one of the technical difficulties of lunar landing. The landing buffer mechanism is colloquially referred to as the “legs” of chang ‘e-5.

These four buffering, supporting the integration of the “legs” are not ordinary, they are chang ‘e-5 institutional subsystem team carefully designed, handcrafted, more have chang ‘e-3, Chang ‘e-4 perfect genes.According to the introduction, the landing buffer mechanism has a completely independent intellectual property rights of “offset and self-compaction” type scheme, which ensures that the closure is simple and reliable, and solves the problems of landing buffer, landing stability and other aspects.

Compared with the chang ‘e-3 landing buffer design, the chang ‘e-5 mission’s landing buffer capacity has been increased by 30% due to the increased difficulty of the mission, but the weight index of the mechanism has been reduced by 5%, which presents a big problem for the development team.

Faced with the difficulty of weight loss, the development team repeatedly iterated and modified the design each time. Once a new breakthrough of weight loss was found in the discussion, the team did not hesitate to reverse the design again and continue to modify. Finally, the design index was reached, ensuring chang ‘e-5’s stable and reliable completion of the intimate “embrace” with the moon.The lunar landing area of chang ‘e-5 is called “Storm Ocean”. Surrounded by volcanoes 1,300 meters high, the environment is truly breathtaking, making the chang ‘e-5 mission even more adventurous. With the visit of Chang ‘e-5, the moon storm is world-famous.

Scientists say it was a wise choice to land here. From earth, it looks more like a vast, dark lava plain.Why are you here? Although it is roughly at the same latitude as chang ‘e-3’s lunar landing site at Iridescent Bay, the area has a relatively short geological age, about 3.7 billion years, according to current research. Experts from the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said the chang ‘e-5 mission is expected to acquire the youngest returned lunar samples and make original scientific achievements in studies of lunar volcanism and evolutionary history.

Since it involves taking off on the lunar surface of a sampled ascender, the chang ‘e-5 landing process is also a process of selecting a “launch site” for subsequent ascender launches. Experts said that compared with Chang ‘e-3 and 4, Chang ‘e-5 should have no high bumps or deep pits in the landing area, and the slope should meet the requirements of the mission, which puts forward higher requirements for the position accuracy and flatness of the landing site.

Later, chang ‘e-5 will use both “table retrieval” and “drill-retrieval” to collect samples. “Surface capture”, as the name suggests, is to grab a part of the lunar soil from the surface of the moon through the cooperation of a mechanical arm and a mechanical claw. “Drilling” is to drill to about two meters below the lunar surface through a special bit to take out the lunar soil as a whole.

“This will allow scientists to retain the structure of the lunar soil less than two meters below the surface of the moon in a more authentic way, so that they can better understand the structure and distribution of the lunar soil and the characteristics of each layer.” China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation chang ‘e-5 probe drilling subsystem technical director Wang Guoxin said.

Beijing, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) — According to the China National Space Administration (CNSA), the Chang ‘e-5 probe landed at 2:11 PM on December 1 in a pre-selected landing zone near the lunar facade of 51.8 degrees West longitude and 43.1 degrees north latitude, and sent back images of the landing.

At 22:57 on December 1, the chang ‘e-5 probe lander and lifter began to perform power descent from 15 kilometers away from the lunar surface, and the 7500 Newton thruster engine was turned on to gradually reduce the probe’s relative longitudinal velocity from about 1.7 kilometers per second to zero.

During this period, the probe made rapid attitude adjustment and approached the lunar surface gradually. After that, automatic obstacle detection was carried out. After the landing site was selected, obstacle avoidance descent and slow vertical descent were started, and a smooth landing was made in the area north of The Lumke Mountains in the lunar frontal storm ocean. During the landing, the landing camera equipped with the lander captured images of the landing area.

After the successful landing, the lander, under ground control, conducted status check and setup work such as solar wing and directional antenna deployment, and will officially start the lunar surface work lasting about 2 days to collect lunar samples.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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