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British plus-size girls become plus-size models, fitness is not to lose weight

In many people’s eyes, some girls are slightly fat once they weigh more than 100 jin. They consider girls to be beautiful if they weigh less than 100 pounds. A beautiful woman should have a snake face, long legs and small waist. Bone beauty is really very beautiful, for those slightly fat girls do not think so.Britain’s 230-pound plus-size girls, fitness is not to lose weight, but reverse the attack to become plus-size model fitness methods of training.

For those who weigh more than 200 kilograms of obesity, thin on their view is a waste of air, do not pay attention to their own image, but also eat a lot of special, do not pay attention to diet, otherwise how will grow so fat. They may even point at them and say something that makes them feel inferior different types of fitness training.

In fact, people who weigh more than 200 jin are not necessarily obese, which does not mean that they are very ugly. The girl I’m going to tell you today contradicts the opinions of these people with her own experience. She is a plus-size girl from the UK, weighing 230 jin, who has been very obese since childhood.

Even then, she doesn’t lose weight. Instead, she goes to the gym every day for strength training and never CARES what others think or wants to lose weight. She thinks that fitness and weight loss are two different things, she does not exercise to lose weight, but to shape their own body shape, so that they can look more plump and not bloated.

But even so, she still insisted on not losing weight, going to the gym every day for strength training, and never thought about losing weight. She said that she was not working out to lose weight at all, but to build her body, so that she could look plump but not fat.

It is because of her habit of keeping fit that she has become a plus-size model. Many people like her more and more different types of workout programs. They also have a boyfriend who likes her very much and they are very affectionate. If you also imagine him as a good figure, then go to the gym, if there is no time to go to the gym, can also be in the home to do some action, such as pilates, pilates this movement was welcomed by many people, it is very simple, have no what difficulty, everyone can practice, a few small make up to introduce below tractor movements to get started.

Action 1: Roll belly movement

Main Points of Action: This Pilates action can effectively exercise the fat around the waist and abdomen different types of exercise training. It is very simple and can effectively remove the fat accumulated in the waist and abdomen. After holding on for a period of time, the waist and abdomen will become thin and look very slim. Do three sets of 20 each day with the help of a puller.

Action 2: Overall exercise.

Action main point: If want to have beautiful waistcoat line, can choose this movement, this is a compound sport, motion intensity can say is very big, can exercise the muscle of the whole body, do 4 sets with the help of force machine everyday, each set 20 times, hold to again after a period of time, can have beautiful waistcoat line different types of physical fitness.

Action three: Leg stretch.

Action main point: The flesh on the thigh is the most difficult to lose, a lot of people have elephant leg to be able to choose this one movement, lie flat on yoga mat, come with the aid of pull implement stretch, do 4 groups every day, each group 20 times, hold to again after a period of time, can feel our ham is thin a circle different types of workout training, still can achieve the effect that carries buttock.

When doing these movements, use the elastic force of the puller, do more easily.

Today xiaobian for you to introduce a more superior quality, cost-effective is also particularly high, using 4 rubber hose, so more suitable for strength training. The material used is also very good at absorbing sweat and does not slip. And occupy space is also small, convenient and fast, very suitable for people with less space.

Conclusion: As long as you insist on doing, believe through sports will have unexpected gains. I believe you will also have an exquisite body, which makes you look more sexy. Lose weight, nowadays one of the most popular topic different types of exercise programs, it is the hot spot that the female that loves beauty discusses all the time. Because love the United States, want oneself to be able to have a good figure so, today small make up arrange for everybody come out 15 very practical reduce weight successful result, love beautiful little fairy people collect quickly rise.15 bodybuilding and slimming tips to help xiaobai get started easily.

When it comes to weight loss, you should focus on your lines and proud flesh, and keep track of your changes during weight loss, rather than focusing on your weight. There are a lot of little fairies when losing weight to weigh several times a day, in fact, this is not good, if the weight change is small or even increased, sometimes will hit our confidence to lose weight, so weight once a week to weigh enough.

One of the most important things girls need to understand is the importance of body fat. A kilo of muscle and a kilo of fat give people a different intuitive feeling. A kilo of muscle is about 1/3 of a kilo of fat. Two people of the same weight, one body fat low, will look very slim, perfect figure; But the other person is high in fat, which makes people feel fat. Which would you like to do?

The goal of any fitness program is to reduce body fat and increase metabolism. To improve metabolism in addition to drink water more, is to increase muscle, because muscle can consume a large amount of calories every day list of types of exercises, and the fat is not ok, so you can see the men who perennial fitness despite muscular, but if stop fitness, they quickly spread, because fitness during their muscles need a lot of heat, so appetite is very big.

When it comes to fitness, what girls are most afraid of is building muscle. They are afraid of becoming a muscle girl. They want their arms and legs to be slender and fear having bulging biceps and calves like men do. In fact, this idea is very far-fetched. It’s like someone saying all you have to do is practice the 100-meter dash every day and in a few years you can overtake Usain Bolt. Do you think that’s possible? Female bodybuilders are almost all professional athletes, and we are just ordinary people! They don’t need to train at all, not to mention that some women will inject steroids to keep fit, because women are born with too little testosterone to build large amounts of muscle.

As I said, ignore the weight Numbers and don’t worry too much about the real time changes in weight when you’re trying to lose weight. At the beginning of weight loss, it’s normal to keep your weight the same because your body’s metabolism hasn’t adapted to the new situation. Many people lose weight after a month or two. So to put the mind best fitness exercises for men, impatient can not eat hot tofu.

If you want to shape your body, then strength training is an indispensable part of you. Build the shape of your muscles with proper strength training. You can’t determine how much fat you have in every part of your body, but you can change the amount of fat and muscle you have in certain areas with strength training.

A lot of girls are on a diet when it comes to losing weight. Do not eat breakfast, do not eat dinner, rely on a forced diet to control their weight. Actually this is very incorrect practice, go on a diet to reduce weight very harm the body above all, destroy the metabolism of the body, perhaps you go on a diet inside a month really thin, but once restore normal food, can rebound very quickly, eat less often, reasonable collocation nutrition is king way.

Be sure to warm up before exercise, 5-10 minutes is fine, if not more warm-up, can choose to jog or frog jump and other basic anaerobic exercises. Warming up gets your heart rate up, blood flow up, muscles burning, prevents injuries during the next movement, and, most importantly, helps you focus.

Generally, the training time should not exceed 90 minutes a day. You can schedule such as 45 minutes of anaerobic exercise and 45 minutes of aerobic exercise. This ratio and time can be arranged according to your own situation best gym workouts for women. You can run in the morning, strength training in the afternoon, anaerobic training in the evening.

Overall exercise can keep you healthy and is great for losing weight and fat. Don’t focus on one method or one area of exercise. A weekly fitness plan can be arranged to work out in each area every day, aerobic exercise your endurance and cardio function, anaerobic exercise your explosive power and strength.When going to the gym for weight training, take no more than one minute between workouts

Always maintain core tension, whether it’s running, strength training, or interval training.Whether running or jumping, landing should be gentle and cushioned, with your knees protected.Whatever exercise you do, make sure you take in protein and carbohydrates that can be absorbed quickly within 15 to 30 minutes of exercise. Protein immediately repairs muscle fibers that have been damaged during exercise, and carbohydrate replenishment immediately stops the body from breaking down muscle.Every time you use the machine, remember to wipe the sweat off the treadmill or bench press chair with a towel. Physical civilization is just as important as spiritual civilization!

Of course, if the fairy doesn’t have time to go to the gym, she can also choose to do some exercise at home. Freehand exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups, or lighter forms of fitness such as yoga and Pilates. Pilates is in recent years began to popularity of a new way of fitness, it is easier, very suitable for home exercise, the following small series to introduce a few kinds of pilates fitness methods, interested fairy can practice at home.

Action 1: Stand and pull

Start by standing on a yoga mat with your feet on the foot of the stretcher and your legs together. Then use your arms to stretch the stretcher and pull it all the way to your chest.

Do 4 sets of 20 times a day for a period of time to get your proud flesh off your arms and improve your physique.

Action two: Supine lift leg

Lie on your back on a yoga mat and use a stretcher to lift your legs so they are at a 90-degree Angle to the mat.

Do four sets of 20 a day for a period of time to help you lose your proud flesh on your legs and optimize your shape.

Action 3: Roll belly movement

Although this action is similar to the above action, you need to master the key points of this action, which is to stretch the abdomen, so as to exercise the proud flesh of the waist and abdomen well.

Do 4 sets of 20 repetitions a day for a period of time, which can make our waist and abdomen a large circle of thin, but also can let you have a clear waistline.

Doing these actions printable full body workout routine for men, they both rely on yoga mat and the effect of cable machine, small make up today to bring us a good quality tubing, the tubing is strongly recommended by fitness guru, adopted 4 tube rubber hose, tension is very, super thick foam material, use rise more comfortable, high density of NBR material, higher safety factor.

Move, act now!Above is small make up for you to organize the fitness careful, suggested that we collect oh. Fitness to lose weight, although very tired very bitter, but stick to it, will see the rainbow after the rain printable full body workout routines for women, sweat, come on! Little fairy!

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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