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Attach great importance to the impact of obesity on health

Normal range of obesity is acceptable, but too fat, in fact, is a chronic disease, never take it lightly.How to judge oneself fat circumstance? How to lose weight scientifically? Now it’s time for science popularization.

What is obesity?

Obesity is a chronic metabolic disease caused by the interaction of multiple factors such as heredity and environment what is obesity hypoventilation. It is manifested as excessive accumulation or abnormal distribution of fat in the body obesity hypoventilation syndrome guidelines, usually accompanied by weight gain. Obesity is a chronic disease and can lead to a series of serious health problems, which should be taken seriously.

What are some ways of judging obesity?

Obesity in the medical sense is defined by body mass index (BMI), visceral fat, waist circumference, or waist-to-hip ratio, etc. BMI= weight (kg)/height (m).

A BMI greater than or equal to 25 is overweight, while a BMI greater than or equal to 30 is obese. Chinese men with a waist circumference of 90 cm or more and women with a waist circumference of 85 cm or more are considered abdominal obesity.

What causes obesity?

The basic cause of obesity is that you take in more energy than you expend. According to the etiology, obesity can be divided into primary obesity and secondary obesity.

Primary obesity, also known as simple obesity, is a heterogeneous disease with no clear cause. The causes of energy imbalance are not yet clear, and most are related to unhealthy lifestyles, such as overeating and sedentary lifestyles obesity hypoventilation syndrome exacerbation. Simple obesity has familial aggregation tendency, for example, environmental factors, dietary composition and other reasons also promote the occurrence of obesity.

Secondary obesity refers to obesity caused by other health problems, in other words, obesity is one of the clinical manifestations of certain diseases. Secondary obesity is very rare, but if mistaken for simple obesity, the diagnosis and treatment of related diseases are likely to be delayed and need to be differentiated.

What are the health problems associated with obesity?

There are many common obesity-related complications or related health problems, including metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease morbid obesity with hypoventilation syndrome, respiratory disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, etc.

Among them, metabolic complications mainly affect blood glucose, lipid, blood pressure, uric acid and insulin levels, leading to insulin resistance and even metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperuricemia and gout.

Obesity will also harm cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, leading to hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke, and so on. In terms of affecting the respiratory system, can cause asthma, sleep apnea syndrome (sleep snoring) and other diseases.

What are the treatments for obesity?

The weight-loss plans and methods of obese patients should follow the principles of individualized formulation and implementation:

1. Doctors are required to assess the degree of obesity and risk of related diseases based on the patient’s body mass index, waist circumference, examination data, etc.

2. Diet and exercise therapy.

Reducing calorie intake and increasing calorie expenditure are two basic approaches. The best exercise for obese patients is swimming and muscle resistance exercise, which both consume energy and do not put excessive pressure on the joints. Long-term adherence to exercise can also improve the resting metabolic rate of the body, and further increase the consumption of energy. In addition, exercise can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, improve cardiopulmonary function, make people comfortable, happy, more healthy posture, improve depression.

If the effect of diet and exercise therapy is not good for obese patients, they need to increase the adjuvant therapy of weight-loss drugs, or drug therapy for related diseases, and some patients need to receive weight-loss surgery if necessary. There’s a reason for being fat, and you need to correct the root cause to stay away from it. Correct 9 get fat bad habit, let weight drop slowly, stay away from fat trouble!

1. Abstain from milk tea

Milk tea is a high-calorie drink rich in sugar and additives, which will accelerate the oxidation of the skin and make the body fat. We need to give up the hobby of milk tea, drink more zero-calorie plain water at ordinary times diagnosis of obesity hypoventilation syndrome, avoid the intake of excess calories, so as to stay away from the trouble of getting fat.Drinking more than 10 glasses of water a day can improve the feeling of satiety, promote circulatory metabolism in the body, help to expel waste toxins, and accelerate the breakdown of fat.

2. Abstain from Fried food

Many delicious foods are Fried, such as Fried chicken, pizza, French fries and popcorn. These are unhealthy and high-calorie Fried foods, which will aggravate your body’s burden and make you gain weight quickly pickwickian syndrome pulmonary function tests.

People who want to lose weight need to give up these fatty processed foods and eat more natural foods that are less processed in order to effectively control their calorie intake and promote weight loss.

Ice cream, chocolate, cookies, cakes and other sweet foods are the favorite of many girls. However, these sweet foods rich in sugar will raise the body’s blood sugar and promote insulin secretion. Your fat will also be synthesized quickly, which is not conducive to maintaining a good figure. We need to cut out these visible sugars in order to control blood sugar levels and curb fat growth.

4. Abstain from salty foods

Salty foods such as salted fish and pickles are usually high in salt. Salty foods will give you an appetite, which will lead you to eat more food unconsciously, which is not conducive to calorie restriction obesity hypoventilation syndrome symptoms. We need three meals light diet, reduce the burden of the kidney obesity hypoventilation syndrome treatment, usually eat more natural fruits and vegetables, is the key to control the figure.

5. Stop sitting

Sitting for a long time to knee joint injury is very big, but also can inhibit the lower limb blood circulation, let the lower limb numbness get fat. We need to get up and walk more than just sit for hours. Less sitting time and more stretching training can improve diseases such as low back pain and reduce the risk of obesity.Develop the habit of drinking soup before meals, after eating soup easy to hold up big stomach, let your appetite slowly improve, gradually become a fat man. We can drink a cup of water or a bowl of soup before dinner to enhance the feeling of satiety, and then eat, can control the intake of meals, so that it is conducive to the formation of easy thin physique.

7. Stop eating regularly

Eating erratically can throw your body’s metabolism out of whack, causing you to pile on calories every time you eat. We should have regular meals at ordinary times and not be hungry for a full meal. We should let our stomach and intestines remember to eat regularly, so that every time we eat, the body will quickly run and consume obesity hypoventilation syndrome treatment options, which is conducive to the development of a healthy body.

8. Give up takeout

In order to pursue the taste, a large amount of fat will be accelerated in takeout, and the nutritional collocation is not balanced, which is not conducive to calorie control. People who eat takeout for a long time are prone to acne and their skin will become rough. We should stick to our own cooking and eat less takeout to control our calorie intake.

9. Quit staying up late

Don’t stay up late all the time. Staying up late can speed up your aging process, which means your body’s metabolism drops and you are more likely to gain weight. We should develop the habit of regular early sleep, not later than 23 o ‘clock, can let the body resist aging speed, maintain a healthy body function, adhere to a period of time, you will find the body metabolism more exuberant, fat is not easy to accumulate.

How can ability reduce weight? It’s not just a matter of beauty or ugliness. Scientists have recently discovered another ‘sin’ behind obesity…Have you ever had that experience? Just about to do something, as soon as you turn around, can’t remember; Wandering around the parking lot for a long time, unable to find their own car; We even pick up the pen and forget the words, can not find the goods just put down, so we laugh at ourselves — old age, memory is not good.

The decline in memory isn’t unique to aging. Obesity is one of many factors that can impair memory and other cognitive functions.

Previous studies have found that sterile mice lacking enterobacteria are less likely to acquire fear, and other studies have identified specific strains associated with memory.

Why lose weight? Recently in the journal cell metabolism, from Spain’s team compared the memory function of obese and non-obese individuals differences, and with the structure of the brain and gut microbiome has carried on the correlation analysis, the results found that gut microbes of the aromatic amino acid metabolites is associated with the memory function of brain, obesity can be damaged through the mechanism memory function.

The researchers recruited 116 participants, including 65 who were obese and 51 who were not. The participants measured memory function (CVLT-IR/ CVLt-SDFR /TDS) on various psychological scales, and the researchers found significant impairment in learning, immediate recall, short delayed recall and working memory.

Over the past few years, obesity has risen steadily around the world, reaching 13 percent, and the average obesity rate in China has reached 12 percent. But there is one country where obesity rates remain low criteria for obesity hypoventilation syndrome: our neighbor, Japan.

Are you a little confused? The eating habits of Japan and China are quite similar, both are based on rice as the staple food, and the Japanese cannot live without rice for three meals a day: rice, sushi, bento, covered rice… Better a day without meat than a day without rice. So why are the obesity rates three times higher in China than in Japan, where rice is the staple food? Explore the “Japanese diet secret” today!

1. Culture of eating less

The friends who have eaten the food all know that the dishes used in the food are usually quite small, which gives us the first impression of delicacy. Different from our Chinese concept of “being able to eat is a blessing”, Japan emphasizes the culture of eating less. The word “less” is particularly key!

Small dishes, a variety of, adequate plate, eat eight can be full, will not cause waste. Enjoy the food every time the happiness of the mouth, eat as much as possible to concentrate, slowly swallow, but full. From the perspective of nutrition, such a combination of meat and vegetables, soup and vegetables can meet people’s needs for energy and various nutrients.

So, flounce fattening the first step, first on the basis of balanced nutrition to control the amount of food!

2. Eat seafood and less red meat

Japan is an island country, surrounded by the sea, Japan warm current and thousand Island cold current intersection formed the first of the world’s four fishing grounds Hokkaido fishery, fishery resources are very rich. Due to this innate advantage of environmental resources, seafood has also become an indispensable food on the Japanese table obese hypoventilation syndrome tip sheet. It is shown that the Japanese eat more than 100 kilograms of fish every year.

Seafood has lower cholesterol and more healthy unsaturated fatty acids than red meat such as pigs, cattle and sheep produced by livestock. Kelp, seaweed and other seafood, almost zero cholesterol, long-term consumption of such a healthy diet is really good for health, and not easy to gain weight.

3. Pay attention to the original taste of food materials

Japanese people are loyal to the original taste of food, and pay attention to fresh, light and low calorie food materials. Therefore, raw food is common in Japanese cuisine, and heavy oil and salt are rare.

Although Japanese people also eat Fried food, they pay more attention to locking in the umami flavor of the ingredients. For example, tempura, the iconic Fried food, is so thin that it can’t spill oil on the surface. Use a facial tissue to soak up the oil, leaving no trace of oil on the paper.

In the daily diet, fish, vegetables, fruits… The ingredients that Japanese women buy most often, processed foods that are never the main characters.Secondly, Japanese condiments are mostly low in salt and do not interfere too much with the original taste of the food.In Japan, we eat more vinegar, soy sauce and wasabi, and less other sauces with heavier flavors.And there’s a rule in traditional Japanese cuisine: you can’t hide the taste of the ingredients.

4, pay attention to reduce sugar diet

There are many culprits, and for many, fizzy drinks and milk tea are a love-hate problem. You can still be enthusiastic about them in Japan, where most drinks are sugar-free or low-sugar at convenience stores.▼ It must be a smart decision to have a diet/diet drink instead of a sugary drink when it comes to ▼Although food is the order of the day and eating is the most important thing, eating well is not as good as eating well. I hope that we can also reflect on their own diet and lifestyle habits, exercise and diet well together, in order to never “eat fat” ah!

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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