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A pregnant woman in Singapore has given birth to a baby boy with coVID-19

A pregnant woman in Singapore diagnosed COVID-19 in March and gave birth to a baby boy in early November. Not only was the baby not infected with novel Coronavirus, but it also had antibodies. The woman is one of the few people in Singapore to have been infected with the coronavirus during pregnancy and have given birth.

The woman was identified as Zeng Celin, 31, the report said. In March of this year, after returning to Singapore from a trip in Europe at 10 weeks pregnant, she, her mother and daughter were infected with novel Coronavirus. Her mother nearly died and was hospitalized for four months, while she and her daughter had only mild symptoms and were discharged after two and a half weeks.

On November 7, Zeng Celin gave birth to her second child, a 3.5 kg boy. Fortunately, not only was the new baby not infected with a novel Coronavirus, it also came with antibodies. “It was interesting to say that the paediatrician said that my coVID-19 antibodies had disappeared and that my son had antibodies,” she said. The doctor suspects I gave him the antibodies when I was pregnant.”

The UK is expected to become the first country in the world to approve a novel coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech in early December, the Financial Times reported Wednesday. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday appointed Nazim Zahavi, undersecretary for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, as “Minister of Vaccines” to oversee the mass vaccination of the coVID-19 vaccine.

28 ft quoted sources as saying that the British government this week is expected to approve Pfizer and BioNTech teamed up with the development of new vaccines, once authorized the use of, within hours we will begin to send vaccine to the UK, December 7, the fastest can let people vaccinated, become the world’s first approved the use of Pfizer and BioNTech new vaccine country, is also the first approved the use of the new champions league vaccine of European and American countries.

But several British media are concerned that Pfizer and BioNTech’s approved vaccine, which must be kept at minus 70 degrees Celsius during transit and only at 2°C to 8°C for a maximum of five days before vaccination, will pose a major challenge to transport and storage.

The prime Minister’s office said in a statement that Zahavi, who will report to The health secretary, Matthew Hancock, would have the first job promoting the vaccine. Zahavi will also be part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The position of “Vaccine Minister” is set up on a temporary basis and is expected to last until at least next summer. Reuters said the creation of a “vaccine minister” showed that the British government was preparing for mass vaccination against the coronavirus. Britain is bracing for its biggest vaccination campaign in decades, the Associated Press reported.

Under the previous procurement agreement, the UK government will purchase 100 million doses of vaccines developed jointly by Astrazeneca and Oxford University, 40 million doses developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, and 7 million doses developed by US-BASED Modena. Frontline health workers and nursing home residents will be the first to receive the coVID-19 vaccine, the government has said.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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