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A pharmacist in the United States has been arrested for vandalizing more than 500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, which has been administered to 57 people

According to the New York Times on January 1, a pharmacist in Wisconsin has been arrested for vandalizing more than 500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. On the night of December 24, 2020, the man took hundreds of doses of vaccine from the refrigerator and put them back in the refrigerator during the day of December 25. The same night, the vaccine failed because it was kept at room temperature for longer than expected. Fifty-seven people have received the defunct vaccine.

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, as of 16:22 January 1 (05:22 GMT January 2), the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States has exceeded 200,85,408, and the number of deaths has exceeded 347,000, reaching 347,202.

On January 1, despite repeated warnings from the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) not to travel during the holiday season, the transportation security administration (TSA) recorded 1,4388,562 people passing through airport security across the country on December 31.

The rise in airport passenger numbers over the holiday season has health experts worried that the COVID-19 outbreak could worsen as a result.

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How to make free money online legitimately at home
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