Front Beach Land

Front beach land vs. damage environment

Bali is not only about exotic beach but it is also living museum - about culture itself.  Front beach land bali is getting more and more rare and costly. Here are selected of front beach land and hotels/villas available around Bali that perched on some developed tourism area and rural area. Rural areas do not mean not having potential nature attraction but lack of attention of government to set up infrastructure. That will not attract investors to set up his business related to tourism.

Why Bali is called living museum?

It is because the way of life of Balinese that so close to nature and relationship to ancestor and god. It reflects on daily life - mesaiban for example it is daily offering after finishing cooking. Before the family eats, they must do mesiban first. Expression of mesaiban is attitude to thank God for what have been given and blessed.

Beach is very important to Balinese to invisible world. Dewa Baruna (Lord of Sea) is mighty that worshiped by the people as savior of nature. Once a year, Balinese do ceremony called Melasti. The holiest moment that every village has to bring their deities to the sea nearby and make a purification ceremony so that nature will be peaceful and serene and out of disaster.

So there should be the balance of protection damage nature (beach) and social purpose. More and more beach property is owned privately for tourism purpose. Fishermen need also space access to the beach and also public space for ceremony and recreation of the people beside tourist.

Beach protection

To prevent further damage to the coast needed coastal border region. This area serves to prevent coastal erosion and protect the coast from activities that can disrupt/destroy the function and sustainability coastal area. High-tide mark is determined by forms and types of coastal area concerned.

Determination of coastal border should be followed up with enforcement (law enforcement) so that it can be firmly against infringement which occurs, for all parties without exception.


Front beach land and hotel only & exclusive for sale

  • Keraton Jimbaran Beach Resort, frontbeach property at white sandy beach of Jimbaran, Bali
  • The Sari Beach Resort Legian, beautifuly beutique hotel nestled in Legian beach and Seminyak, Bali
  • Cengiling, Jimbaran beach next to Ayana Resort, land size 10 hectare - stunning beach front property 
  •  Nusa Lembongan absolute front beach land, It is the last beach for sale available on the Island 
  • Jumpai Klungkung, black sandy beach 2.5 hectares - amazing black sandy beach. 
  • Sanur beach, land size 2.9 hectare, between Bali Hyatt and Peneeda View, price IDR 1.25 billions/are 
  •  Mertasari beach,land size 4.21 hectare, next to Mercure Sanur, price IDR 1.5 billions/are 
  • Tanjung Benoa Beach,Nusa Dua, Absolutely front beach land with frontage beach 100 meters, perfect for beach club resort 
  •  Nyanyi Beach, Beraban, Kediri, Tabanan - west of Bali, hidden beach with stunning sunset near Tanah Lot Temple 
  • Cliff top Pendawa beach, Kutuh, Badung, next to Pandawa cliff, land size 75.34 are, price 1.5 billions/are 
  •  Purnama beach, Sukawati, Gianyar, land size 1430 m2, beach wide 20 meter 
  • Batu Ampar beach, Singaraja,  land size 100 hectare, price IDR 40 millions/are 
  • Saba beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, land size 12054 m2, price IDR 500 millions/are           
  • Tulamben beach, Karangasem, land size 14 hectare, price 100 millions/are 
  • Ketewel beach, Sukawati, Gianyar, land size 1.4 hectare, price IDR 650 millions/are 
  • Matahari Terbit beachPadang galak, Denpasar, land size 7 hectare, beach wide 175 M 
  • Keramas beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, land size 6.2 hectare, Surfer paradise! Land starts and spreads from Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra to the beach of Keramas, Bali 
  • Pandawa beach, world class beach - great for beach club, land size 2200 m2, price IDR 15 millions/m2 
  • Benoa Beach, front beach land and mangrove side is such mixing nature of the land which nestled at Benoa bay,Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, land size 16000 m2


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